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EIC Coaching Programme

EIC Coaching Programme



Ninety-six percent of those who have used a business coach have reported positive outcomes, such as improved strategy, quicker market entry, and averted costly mistakes. Coaching can be highly beneficial in developing leadership skills  

The EIC has gathered experienced coaches who have gone through the same journey you are about to embark on. Our coaches are independent professionals with backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship, and fundraising, who can offer invaluable advice and support. They have all agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct and keep their conversations with you confidential. 

EIC provides free coaching that matches your individual business development needs, whether you are a novice or experienced entrepreneur. We have a wide selection of coaches with expertise in various industries and markets. Your coaching can focus on go-to-market strategies, partnerships, organizational or financial development. The coach will question your ideas and help you explore new possibilities in a collaborative, learning-oriented way. 



This programme is open to beneficiaries from: EIC Accelerator applicants (2nd stage), Seal of Excellence (Horizon Europe), EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Accelerator, and Women TechEU. 

  • Accelerator applicants (2nd stage) and Seal of Excellence teams, the objective is to improve the value proposition, business plan and investor pitch. 
  • Pathfinder researchers the objective is to discover innovation opportunities and to provide insight in the entrepreneurship potential. 
  • Transition teams the objective is to analyse the industry and to create a value proposition. 
  • Accelerator start-ups and scale-ups, the objective is to improve the business plan, the strategy implementation, and a faster market entry. 
  • In the Women Leadership Program (WLP), we offer additional WLP coaching to help leaders tackle potential glass ceiling issues. 
  • Seal of Excellence holders. 


How to apply 

The Pathfinder and Transition beneficiaries start their coaching journey by asking their project officer to initiate the allocation of coaching days to their account. 

Applicants to the EIC Accelerator, Accelerator grant recipients, participants in the Women Leadership Program, and Seal of Excellence holders are invited to join business coaching through an email notification containing all the pertinent details. 



Applicants are provided with three days of business coaching at the outset of the proposal preparation process.  

For the Pathfinder, Transition, Accelerator the grant recipients are offered coaching as soon as their grant agreement is in place and can continue through the end of the grant period. In certain circumstances, coaching can be provided even after the grant contract has ended. 

The Women Leadership Program and Seal of Excellence holders are entitled to three days of business coaching, which can be adjusted to fit the individual requirements of each beneficiary. 



Project LaBionicS 

Our experience was unique. Mark was a great coach. He changed our way of thinking and provided us with the necessary tools to upgrade our technology for the marketplace. We were always eager to converse and engage with him.

Project Q-MIC  

The coach has been extremely helpful. He has a good overview of the industry and experience in commercializing the technology in this field. He helps us define the strategy to consolidate the company. We fully recommend him to other companies.


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Contact us  

If you have any questions or concerns about beginning the coaching process, please contact the Coaching Team at  

For technical issues concerning the coaching IT system, please email