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EIC Soft Landing Programm

EIC Soft-landing Programme



When venturing into new markets and aiming for global expansion, EIC awardees often encounter numerous obstacles that hinder the growth of their businesses in unfamiliar territories. Beyond identifying suitable opportunities and partners, they must also understand the local cultures, regulations, and business landscapes. There is where the EIC Soft-landing programme come into play. 

The EIC Soft-landing programme is a new exclusive business acceleration service that provides customised guidance and the adequate tools for EIC awardees who have launched and gained traction abroad and want to expand to a new market without keeping their attention away from their main operations at home. 

This service will be delivered through distinct thematic cohorts from 2024 on. 

Selection criteria  

EIC beneficiaries which are scaleups, will be assessed by external experts on their potential for the market targeted in each specific Soft-landing activity. Expect to provide information on:  

  • Plan to enter the market. 

  • The expected impact of your participation in the EIC Soft-landing programme. 

  • The fit of the innovative products and services with the market needs. 

  • Commitment of financial and human resources to participate in the programme.  

  • Contribution to EU strategic autonomy as technology powerhouse. 

Soft-landing activities in 2024: 

  • EIC Soft-landing on Health and life sciences in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. 19th -24th May 2024. 

  • EIC Soft-landing in Singapore. Q4 2024. 

  • EIC Soft-landing in USA. Q4 2024. 


Implementing partners 

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