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EIC GHG Co-creation with SUEZ: It’s all about risking and advancing together!

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) means business when it comes to being at the forefront of innovative and sustainable initiatives. That’s why we introduced the EIC GHG Co-creation activities, events between Europe’s largest corporates and EIC beneficiaries as a way of helping them build win-win synergies and co-create solutions with business partners. Following the EIC GHG Co-creation with Suez online event, we met with Sandra Andreu, Chief of Marketing and Innovation at the company to give us a few insights.

A new ‘Space’ for circular economy: register for the joint EIC and ESA webinar

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The European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Innovation Council (EIC) will jointly explore the topics and specific challenges of circular economy in Space, but also on Earth during this co-organised webinar. The session will take place on 8 December, at 14:00 CET, during the Industry Space Days (ISD) event.

Open Call - EIC Innovation Training Workshop for Pathfinder: boost your innovation!

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) Business Acceleration Services invites EIC Pathfinder (FET-Open & FET-Proactive) and Transition beneficiaries to participate in our new instalments of the Innovation Training Workshops, taking place either on 14-15 February 2022, 7-8 March 2022 or 11-12 May 2022.  This two-day virtual workshop will offer concrete business tools through interactive sessions, and which can be immediately implemented during your work.

EIC Challenge Platform: Deutsche Bahn mindbox and TIQUE PCP are looking for innovative solutions

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Through the new EIC Challenge Platform, EIC-funded startups, large corporates, private and public procurers, and other organisations with access to the EIC Community can promote the solutions they seek as a new challenge and use the power of the EIC crowd and its virtual stage to find innovative solutions. This month, Deutsche Bahn mindbox and three public procurers shared their challenges in our platform and announced they are looking for innovations in different sectors. Do you believe you have the right assets to be their next challenge solver? Don't miss this opportunity and discover how to apply below! 

EIC OTF Training Workshops: The European Pavilion embarks on CES & Arab Health 2022

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On 9 & 22 November 2021, the European Innovation Council (EIC) successfully organised two virtual preparatory workshops under the EIC Overseas Trade Fairs (OTF) Programme 2.0. The official delegation of SMEs is now ready to exhibit impactful innovations at CES in Las Vegas and Arab Health in Dubai.


EIC Coffee Break with Anselm Adams: A pinch of humility in the pursuit of success

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Every month, during a Coffee Break, we dive into the stories of EIC innovators and get a glimpse of the persons behind the start-ups. Today’s guest is Anselm Adams – co-Founder and CEO of ALBORA technologies. Anselm has over 20 years of business experience and the company develops next-gen geolocation technologies meant for autonomous navigation, logistics, and industrial IoT applications. Keep reading to find out more about it in this month’s EIC Coffee Break.

Stories - EIC GHG Tool: How data can work hand in hand with business waste and sustainability

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As companies and businesses grow, so does the amount of waste and CO2 emissions they produce. Business waste goes beyond your operations and factories, and the energy, billing models, or even transportation of goods play a significant role in your environmental impact. If you’re trying to improve sustainability in your workplace, but you don’t know how to start, technology and data might be the answer. Thanks to waste tracking and data reporting tools, many companies see the opportunity behind waste, saving money while benefitting the environment. We spoke with Daniele Biffi from the EIC-funded company DVP Vacuum Technology to discover which steps are they taking to monitor data and reduce CO2 emissions with the support of the EIC Greenhouse Gas tool

Open Call – EIC x CaixaBank Innovation Procurement pilot in Agrotech: Looking for technological disruption

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What if we told you the European Innovation Council (EIC), CaixaBank and AgroBank are offering you the exclusive opportunity to scale up your business? As part of a pilot project, this Innovation Procurement initiative offers EIC-funded companies the chance to help Spanish rural areas develop by using innovative solutions and sustainable technologies in agriculture and reach final customers in Spain.