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B. InnoBuyers 


InnoBuyers bring together procurers and innovative SMEs (Solvers) to jointly co-create innovative solutions in order to tackle concrete challenges of the involved public or private buyers.  

Implementing partners

Logos of F6S, Ticbiomed (transforming health) and CIVITTA

What is in it for you – buyers (public and private)

  1. Finacial support up to 65.000 Euros to perform needs assessment, market consultation, pilot testing and drafting of the tender documents (the last two activities only for public buyers) 
  2. Opportunity to modernize your services with breakthrough solutions offered by innovative SMEs and start –ups (mainly EIC Innovators) 


What is in it for you – EIC innovators/beneficiaries (Solvers)

  1. Budget up to 58.500 Euros coming from the selected procurers to co-create with them innovative solutions that could tackle their needs. 
  2. Opportunity to provide them commercial volumes of the co-created innovative solutions through a follow up procurement  


Who is it for – how can you take part


The action is open to private and public buyers that face concrete challenges and are aiming at tackling them through procurement.


As soon as the buyers are selected, there will be calls for expression of interest to select innovative SMEs and start-ups (EIC beneficiaries from EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Accelerator, Seal of Excellence and Women Tech EU) to co-create (with the buyers) innovative solutions. These calls will be published, and applications will be possible through the Innobuyers Programme webpage: InnoBuyer – Fast track to innovation procurement  


Learn more:

InnoBuyer – Fast track to innovation procurement