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EIC Innovation Procurement Programme

EIC Innovation Procurement Programme



The EIC is embarking on its new and reinforced Innovation Procurement support programme that is called Strategic Use of Innovation Procurement

The main goal of this unique programme is to facilitate the access of top-notch EIC Innovators to procurement markets in Europe and at global level, ensuring thus increased market opportunities for these innovative SMEs and start-ups and contributing, at the same time, to their scaling up.

Targeting at the strengthening of the demand with the supply side, this EIC programme contains a variety of services tailored to the needs of each respective stakeholder. 

All activities of the EIC Innovation Procurement Program are open to EIC beneficiaries from EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Accelerator, Seal of Excellence and Women Tech EU. 


The specific actions that are taking place or envisaged to take place soon are the following:

A. SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Procurement Programme

B. Innobuyers

C. Tests or Proof of Concepts piloted on the services of public and/or private buyers


Timeline and Open calls:

EIC runs at least one procurement activity per month. Please check the Open call & Upcoming events page.