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The EIC Scaling Club is an exclusive community of 100+ European deep tech scale-ups and their partners. The 2-year program brings together high-potential deep tech companies focusing on major global challenges with investors, corporate innovators, and other industry stakeholders to spur growth.

The committed network consists of 400+ quality ecosystem players:

  • 120+ selected deep tech scale-ups;
  • 100 investors;
  • 100 corporations;
  • 100 mentors;
  • 50 government agencies;
  • 50 media & clusters.

Implementing partners

Logos of TechTour, Bpi France, Eura, IESE Business School, Webrazzi and Hello Tomorrow

How to be part of the club?

Deep tech companies can express their interest in joining the Club by filling out a survey. The participating scale-ups are selected based on their potential to build world-class businesses and solve big societal needs in areas such as:

  • Agri & Food Tech
  • Batteries & Energy Storage
  • Cardiovascular Therapies
  • Clean Fuels & Hydrogen
  • New Biotech Platforms
  • New Space

The application is also open to other Club members – investors, corporations, innovation agencies, tech clusters, pan-European, tech-focused media, and more.

What does the EIC Scaling Club offer?

  • Networking and peer exchange between Europe’s top-performing deep tech founders and CEOs;
  • Facilitated access to strategic partners, such as corporates and public and private investors;
  • Tailored coaching and mentoring sessions to improve the knowledge and skills of management teams;
  • Accelerated growth in value – by up to 40% – of the participating companies;
  • Facilitated growth in terms of funding, new partnerships, and talent recruitment through a curated roadshow of in-person and online events;
  • Boosted international visibility;
  • Strengthened image of the European scaleup scene.


  1. Companies’ selection

    Autumn 2023

  2. Kick-off of the 1st cohort

    April 2024

  3. Kick-off of the 2nd cohort

    October 2024

  4. Investment&Partnering roadshow

    October 2024 – April 2026

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For additional information, please refer to the EIC Scaling Club Helpdesk service.