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Interact with published content

The different types of pages published in the EIC Community provide interaction possibilities according to their format. You’ll find buttons that will let you:

  • Follow
  • Recommend
  • Like
  • Share
  • Comment (at the bottom of the content page)


Add comments to a post

To add a comment, please sign-in or register first.

Most content on the EIC Community will allow you to comment beneath a post; you can add text, images, and rich media content such as videos.

What happens next?

By adding a comment to a post, a notification e-mail will be sent to the author and editors of this post, as well as other commentators (if any).


Recommend other member's post

Whether you are signed-in or just browsing the site, you can recommend pretty much every type of content by clicking on the “Recommend” button that you will find on the top right of your page.

What happens next?

By recommending another member's content, a notification will be sent to the author and editor(s) of that post. 

Sort by most recommended

When searching for content on the EIC Community, you will be able to sort the list to identify the most recommended content.