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1.    My company was successful in the EIC Accelerator Call, before the introduction of the new blended finance scheme. Can we apply for the equity finance retrospectively?

EIC-funded beneficiaries can apply for the equity finance, but a new application for new activities of the same project is needed. The procedure is the same, but applicants need to submit an additional proposal, and link to the previous one if needed. More information about this process is available in the following link: 


2.    I'm trying to follow the application procedure to one of the events (e.g. EIC ePitchings or Corporate Days), but I'm receiving an error message in the application form.

The calls for our Business Acceleration Services Events are open only to companies already funded by the EIC/SME Instrument/FET Open/FTI programmes. If you have already received funding, please send us your project number/acronym so we can identify you. You can find more information about our programme on our website -, in the public area of our Community - and on Twitter: @EUeic. You can also contact your local EEN for support:


3.    We have been funded from SME Phase I (2019) and we sent our application for EIC Accelerator March 2020. Are we eligible to participate in a Corporate Day or ePitching session?

Yes. The calls to our BAS events are always open to companies already funded by the EIC/SME Instrument/FET Open/FTI programmes.


4.    I have a new achievement and I would like to present this to a Corporate/Investor during an EIC Event. Can I apply to the event with a new project or should I just include the project funded by the EIC?

You can describe your new project and achievements in your project summary requested in the application form.