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1.    How can I have access to the EIC Community?

If you are funded by the European Innovation Council, it may be that your user profile has been already automatically registered. In this case, just log-in with your EU Login username and password and you will be able to access our platform.

If your profile was not automatically registered, you will have to register yourself. You will need to have a valid EU Login account. If you need to create one, please refer to the “I don’t have an EU Login account, but I would like to have access to the EIC Community Platform” section. 

a)    In your browser, navigate to the community member page and click on Register. 

b)    If asked, Sign-in with your EU Login account by following the instruction on the screen.

c)    When you are on your admission form, click on EDIT to edit it:

d)    Complete all the missing mandatory fields represent by a red star "*". If your organisation is already filled-in, don’t change it. Don’t forget to accept the privacy statement & Terms and conditions by checking the box.

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e)    Click on the button Save & Submit. The process can take time, don’t refresh, or close the window before the confirmation message. 

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2.    I don’t have an EU Login account, but I would like to have access to the EIC Community Platform. 

To connect to the platform, you will need to have an EU Login account.  If you already have an EU login, you can skip this chapter. 'External' users register for EU Login by going through the following steps:

a)    In your browser, navigate to EU Login (;

b)    Click on 'Create an account’.

c)    Complete all mandatory fields (first name, last name, e-mail address, confirm-e-mail and the captcha code hidden in the image. Acknowledge the privacy statement and click 'Create an account’.

d)    You will receive a link by e-mail, which you should activate within 24 hours.

e)    After clicking on the link, you will be prompted for your new EU Login password and asked to confirm it. Please make sure that the link you click on is not split across lines by your e-mail application or that you copy the entire link into the address box of your browser.

f)    Click on 'Submit'.

If you have difficulties to create an EU Login account, follow this link to have more help or contact the EU Login Hotline (

You can also find the complete user guide here.