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Story 14 February 2023

EIC Call for Interest for Corporates in the Construction sector: EIC MultiCorporate Day on ConTech

EIC Multicorporate Day on ConTech Community Banner

The European Innovation Council (EIC) invites European Construction’s largest Corporations to join the new EIC Multicorporate Day on ConTech in June 2023 (location TBC). The objective of this initiative is to increase the innovation power of the ecosystem for green deal transformation and business value creation in the construction sector. This specially designed service is meant to bring together the largest corporates and the most innovative EIC beneficiaries from the construction and supporting sectors. 


Interested in this opportunity? 

Make sure to submit your interest until 24 February!


Construction is the 2nd largest contributing economic sector to GDP (only behind the financial sector), and the EU construction companies are at the top. To further increase innovation in the construction sector and to build a future with zero carbon emissions and zero waste from the lifecycles of buildings and infrastructure, the EIC is co-organising this business acceleration initiative by bringing together the largest corporates in construction in Europe and the most innovative EIC startups from construction and supporting sectors (e.g., digital, materials, energy, etc.). 


Based on previous successful initiatives of the EIC Corporate Partnership Programme such as EIC Planet.Tech, EIC Energy4Planet and EIC REPowerEU, the EIC Business Acceleration Services offers the opportunity to enhance cooperation between large corporates and innovators. 


EIC Multicorporate Day core challenges 

The EIC Multicorporate Day on ConTech aims to touch on five core challenges for the construction sector. Those are: 

  1. Change the way we design and engineer our buildings and infrastructure. 

  1. Change the building materials we use and source for our buildings and infrastructure. 

  1. Change the way we fabricate and construct our buildings and infrastructure. 

  1. Change the way we operate our buildings and infrastructure over their lifetime. 

  1. Change the way we dispose of buildings & infrastructure and recycle our building materials. 


What to expect  

Step 1: The Corporates selected for this initiative will have the opportunity to share their challenges with the EIC community (more than 5.000 innovative startups/scaleups from 36 countries funded by the EIC). The Corporate challenges must be aligned with the five core challenges of the EIC for the contraction sector and will be shared by the EIC in its EIC Community through a call.


Step 2: Each partner corporate will dedicate a team of experts to analyse the applications received from the EIC. They will select the EIC beneficiaries based on their needs and the highest possibilities to develop a business collaboration (Proof of Concept, pilot, MVP…). 


Step 3: The kick-off event will comprise technical-business high-level panels, pitching sessions, 1-to-1 business meetings between corporates and EIC beneficiaries and the involvement of high representatives from the European Commission, and networking opportunities. 


Step 4: After the kick-off event, Corporates and EIC-funded beneficiaries will be collaborating for 1 to 5 months to co-create and translate some of the propositions in an MVP or any other form of collaboration. This can include hands-on work, training webinars and reinforcement during the same period. 


Step 5: Finally, the programme will culminate in a Demo Day – with the date and location to be determined – where both Corporates and EIC beneficiaries will be invited to demonstrate the work and success stories done under the collaboration of both entities. 


Submit your interest to this corporate partnership call, to ensure alignment of interest! 


Additional information 


About the EIC Corporate Partnership Programme  

Since 2017 the EIC Business Acceleration Services has developed its EIC Corporate Partnership Programme to allow EIC companies to boost their network and meet relevant decision-makers from the largest companies in Europe. From October 2017 until March 2023, 63 initiatives have been organised with +100 corporate partners like: ABB, Airbus, BMW CaixaBank, CommerzBank, Enel, Ferrovial, L’Oreal, Medtronic, Neste, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Saint-Gobain, Shell, Siemens Energy, Solvay or Telefonica. Over 1200 EIC-funded startups/scaleups and +2500 corporate high-level representatives have been able to participate in these initiatives reporting a significant business impact, follow-ups and business deals in less than 6 months, including numerous pilots, proofs of concept and other business collaborations.  

The EIC is looking for large corporations with open innovation spirit, interested in integrating innovations coming from startups, scaleups and research projects directly into their business offering, procurement and R&D activities as well as investing in highly innovative/deep tech companies. 

About the EIC Business Acceleration Services     

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page.


Need help?     

For additional information, please refer to our helpdesk (please choose ‘EIC Multicorporate Day on ConTech’ as the subject).

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