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Story 14 February 2023

EIC BAS Wrap-up: An overview of 2022

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) continues to expand the Business Acceleration Services and put at the disposal of EIC awardees new programmes. With this wrap-up article, we will summarise the past 12 months of the Business Acceleration Services (BAS), which were filled with several accomplishments and positive results. Let’s take a step back to 2022, shall we? 


In 2022, the EIC Business Acceleration Services consisted of 11 programmes (EIC Community Trainings, Corporate Partnership Programme, Investor Programme, Innovation Procurement Partnership Programme Call, Tech to Market Programme, Women Leadership Programme initiatives, Ecosystem Partnership Programme, Overseas Trade Fair Programme, EIC GHG Programme and EIC Coaching), with 1105 EIC beneficiaries attending the activities. 


Starting with the EIC Community training, 6 events were organised, covering 6 topics, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the EIC’s Summer School, which were joined by 289 EIC beneficiaries. 


Plunging headlong into organising initiatives that help EIC-funded companies boost their network and showcase their innovations and innovative ways, the Corporate Partnership Programme had 11 dedicated matchmaking events, such as Corporate Days or Enhanced Cooperation initiatives, with 337 corporate representatives (EDF, Engie, Saint-Gobain, OMV Petrom, IKEA, Siemens, etc.). 


203 EIC beneficiaries participated, and 31 follow-up meetings took place, where 2 of those originated actual deals between beneficiaries and corporates, with many more to hopefully come in 2023 – read more about Nanolike’s successful collaboration with Holcim MAQER (Holcim’s logistic department & venture platform). 


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In the Investor Programme, during the 10 EIC-promoted events related to several topics of interest (Fintech, Energy storage, Telecom, Internet & Media, etc.) 122 EIC beneficiaries had the opportunity to pitch their innovations in front of 259 investors (Amadeus Capital Partners, Apex Ventures, Diffusion Capital Partners, Armilar Venture Partners, etc.). 307 one-to-one meetings took place. Overall, the satisfaction rate of those events is a high one, hitting 90%. 


As for the Innovation Procurement Programme, 2022 saw 8 dedicated events occurring with the presence of 70 EIC beneficiaries and more than 101 business partners (BME, Grupa Azoty, Health Proc Europe, RUAG AG, NO-FEAR, etc.). In addition, 17 one-to-one meetings took place, with 6 follow-up and 6 deals coming out of these interactions. 


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Aiming to support, inspire and empower EIC female researchers and entrepreneurs, the EIC successfully delivered 2 cohorts, gathering over 200 beneficiaries within the Women Leadership Programme


Its services helped increase its participants’ skills by 32% (Team management & Cooperation, Negotiation, Pitching, Personal leadership, etc.) and counted with the participation of 7 EIT entrepreneurs and 127 EIC researchers and entrepreneurs. 


Regarding the EIC Ecosystem Partnerships & Co-Investment Support Programme, 6 matchmaking events took place with more than 50 startups and 300 business partners. In addition, 389 EIC Partnership Applications were received and 172 one-to-one meetings between investors and startups were requested. 


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The Overseas Trade Fair Programme saw 116 EIC beneficiaries participate in 6 trade fairs in the US and Asia, where 3663 business meetings took place. Overall, the satisfaction rate reached 94%. 


Concerning the EIC GHG Programme, 15 events counted with the participation of 67 EIC beneficiaries and 63 business partners – making it 130 in total. 


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When it comes to the Tech to Market Programme, this initiative counted 6 Innovation Training Workshops (ITW), in which 86 beneficiaries participated with an overall satisfaction of 72%. Also, 2 Innovation Bootcamps gathered 93 beneficiaries, with 100% overall satisfaction rate. Moreover, 4 Webinars took place with 256 beneficiaries and a satisfaction rate of 93,75%.


Lastly, 621 EIC applicants and 91 beneficiaries requested EIC Coaching throughout 2022...meaning a total of 2.955 days of one-to-one EIC coaching! 


EIC BAS Wrap-up_Tech to market


What will happen next?  


If you’re looking for opportunities to connect and take your business to the next level, make sure to check our events calendar. From our part, thank you for being present!

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