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SPIN4EIC Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability and Mobility

Embark on a Green Revolution with the SPIN4EIC Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability, and Mobility Group. This hub is your gateway to the forefront of innovation, bringing together key players in the energy sector, water services, environmental initiatives, sustainability projects, and mobility solutions. Whether you're a forward-thinking… Read more

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Empowering Cities: Learn about the CEPPI Project's Strategic Approach to Energy Excellence

This publication offers an in-depth overview of the CEPPI project (coordinated energy-related PPI actions for cities) aimed to demonstrate how European cities can achieve better energy-related outcomes through the strategic use of public procurement. The project provided five european cities of different size and cultures - Birmingham (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Wroclaw (Poland), Castellon and Valencia (Spain) - with an action-learnin support to adopt or adapt PPI methodologies in forthcoming tenders. This Guide therefore commences with the multi-level methodology created and applied within the CEPPI project for those ambitious City authorities that wish to achieve transformational energy outcomes across the city.  

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