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SPIN4EIC Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability and Mobility

Embark on a Green Revolution with the SPIN4EIC Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability, and Mobility Group. This hub is your gateway to the forefront of innovation, bringing together key players in the energy sector, water services, environmental initiatives, sustainability projects, and mobility solutions. Whether you're a forward-thinking… Read more

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Secure your spot in the GovTech4All Startup Challenge! Pre-apply by 26 May

Are you ready to revolutionize energy efficiency in European municipalities? Discover the GovTech4All Startup Challenge!

As a startup with groundbreaking solutions, you hold the key to transforming energy management in public institutions. The GovTech4All Startup Challenge offers you an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with forward-thinking municipalities across Europe.

💡 About the Program: The GovTech4All Startup Challenge is your gateway to driving impactful change in communities. By participating, you'll have the chance to tackle real-world challenges in energy efficiency through innovative procurement methods.

GovTech Challenges: Explore diverse challenges presented by the partner municipalities, ranging from energy management in public buildings to urban geospatial 3D mapping.

🙌 Why Participate?

  1. Connect directly with local governments to implement your solutions.
  2. Accelerate innovation with access to invaluable resources and expertise.
  3. Showcase your solutions to a wide audience, positioning your startup as a leader in the GovTech space.
  4. Have your pilot funded for up to €50K.

🤓 How to Apply: Secure your spot in the GovTech4All Startup Challenge by pre-applying and be among the first to know when the public procurement process begins in each municipality.

Ready to make an impact? Pre-apply and get more information here

Do you need assistance in preparing your application? Take advantage of the SPIN4EIC assistance for EIC Beneficiaries!

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