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Story 28 February 2024

Sub-Call for Expression of Interest – DYNAMO PCP: Advancing Healthcare System Resilience!

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Sub-Call for Expression of Interest – DYNAMO PCP: Advancing Healthcare System Resilience! 

Don’t miss this €3.35 million Pre-Commercial Procurement tender!  

Express your interest here

1. What is DYNAMO PCP? 

DYNAMO PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) is an innovative solution that aims to enable the use of data from various organisational IT systems and other databases or records, to promote evidence-supported care pathway planning adaptable to disruptive care situations. This tool should aid in swiftly adjusting to changing conditions during crises, promoting faster response times, and enhancing the quality of reactions during systemic disruptions. It should also help in designing temporary service pathways activated during a crisis and deactivated post-crisis. 
Specifically, DYNAMO PCP aims to make EU healthcare systems more resilient and better prepared to respond to public health threats than has been achieved so far. 

The European Union (EU) is funding a joint Pre-Commercial Procurement initiative coordinated and led by Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA). ISRAA acts as the Lead Procurer and is responsible for signing and awarding the Framework Agreement and the specific contracts for all phases of the PCP, in the name and on behalf of the following Buyers Group

  • Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS), Spain

  • Warmińsko-Mazurskie Centrum Chorób Płuc, (WMCC), Poland 

  • Irmandade da Santa Casa da Misericordia da Amadora (SCMA), Portugal 

Diving into PCP 
Pre-Commercial Procurements allow public entities to acquire R&D services from various Technology Providers simultaneously. This approach enables a thorough comparison of alternative solutions, promoting the identification of the most cost-effective and valuable options. PCP involves a risk-benefit sharing arrangement under market conditions between public procurers and Technology Providers. Importantly, there is a clear separation between the PCP phase and the subsequent deployment of commercial volumes of end-products.  

The PCP procedure consists of three phases: Phase 1 (Solution design), Phase 2 (Prototype development), and Phase 3 (Development of pilot systems and testing), as illustrated in the following picture:

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2. Information about the Public Buyers Group and other parties involved in the PCP

The DYNAMO consortium Buyers Group brings together 4 public buyers from Italy, Spain, Poland, and Portugal. The Public Buyers Group is represented by ISRAA as Lead Procurer.  
The following entities that will participate in the PCP have access to shared information needed for implementing the DYNAMO Grant Agreement, but are obligated to maintain confidentiality and do not hold rights to the results of intellectual property from the PCP; however, they are not members of the Buyers Group: 

  • TICBioMed – Tecnologías de la información de la región de Murcia, Spain 

  • UK Köln – University Hospital Cologne, Germany 

  • Empirica – Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH, Germany 

  • NHS Wales - Hywel Dda University Health Board, Wales, United Kingdom 

Entities that are interested in participating in the DYNAMO PCP must submit their offers at the following email address:     

All tender documents can be found at the following link.   

Exclusion criteria for this tender
Please be aware that the exclusion criteria outlined in section 3.2 of the document titled “DYNAMO CfT TD1 Call for Tender” and the completion of the Declaration of Honour should be taken into consideration. 

Selection criteria for this tender
All information on the selection criteria for the Impress PCP call for tenders can be reached at the following document: 

  • Document “DYNAMO CfT TD1 Call for Tender” (section 3.3). 

Total budget and budget distribution per Phase
The maximum total budget for the PCP is €3,350,000 excluding VAT. 
The table below presents an overview of the details of each PCP Phase: 

PCP Phase 

N. of Contractors 

Maximum estimated budget cost per Contractor 

Total estimated budget per Phase 

Phase 1: Solution design 

A maximum of 6 

85,000 € 

510,000 € 

Phase 2: Prototype development 

A maximum of 3 

397,000 € 

1,190,000 € 

Phase 3: Development of pilot systems and testing 

A maximum of 2 

825,000 € 

1,650,000 € 

For Phase I, offers will be accepted until the remaining budget is insufficient to fund the next best tender. The exact number of contracts finally awarded will thus depend on the prices offered and the number of tenders passing the evaluation. As leftover budget from the previous phase will be transferred to the next phase, the total budget available for Phases II and III may eventually be slightly higher than stated here (but the maximum budget per contractor for Phases II and III will remain the same). The lower the average price of tenders, the more contracts can be awarded. However, the total value of the contracts awarded can also be lower than initially expected if there are fewer tenders than expected that meet the minimum evaluation criteria. 

Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA) 

Deadline for submission of tender 

29/04/2024 at 17:00:00 CET 

Duration of the execution of the contract 

Expected duration: 16 months.  


Start date 

End date 


Phase I 

July 2024 

October 2024 

4 months 

Phase II 

January 2025 

June 2025 

6 months 

Phase III 

August 2025 

January 2026 

6 months 

Maximum total budget 

€3,350,000 (VAT excluded) 


Ownership and commercial exploitation of results

The Contractor owns the results generated by the activities of the Contractor. The Contractor shall take appropriate measures to protect its results and bear the costs associated with this. 
The Contractor herewith grants to each member of the Buyers Group irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, world-wide access rights to use the results for their own purposes. 
The Contractor shall, for at least four (4) years after the end of the Framework Agreement, take measures to ensure that its results are exploited commercially (directly or indirectly, in particular through transfer or licensing). If the Contractor fails to commercially exploit the results within this period (or uses the results to the detriment of the public interest, including security interests), the Buyers Group has the right to require that ownership of the results be transferred to them. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that responses to the invitation to tender for DYNAMO PCP must be in English. Any statement or other document not written in English must include a sworn translation. The SPIN4EIC team will provide support for the tendering process in English but it will not provide the translation of documents into other languages.


3.  SPIN4EIC Assistance Action - What's in it for you? 

SPIN4EIC, is part of the Business Acceleration Services (BAS) and aims to support EIC beneficiaries by providing guidance and enhancing their capacity to leverage innovation procurement. Specifically, the SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Programme allows EIC-funded companies to expand their networks and engage with relevant innovation procurement decision-makers across Europe. As part of this programme, selected applicants can receive tailored assistance to participate in tender opportunities, such as the Impress PCP.

The SPIN4EIC assistance action is a tailored guidance scheme that includes the following main activities:  

  1. Assignment of a Single Contact Person from the assistance team, who will be responsible for guiding the beneficiaries along the process. 

  1. Organisation of an online Kick-off meeting during which the beneficiaries and the assistance team will agree on the required guidance activities and define the next steps.  
    The support to the EIC beneficiaries under the SPIN4EIC Initiative will encompass guidance activities such as providing best practices on drafting tenders, sharing best practices of organising tendering documents, and providing guidance on their format and organisation. The support will not include services such as the drafting of technical documents, the preparation of administrative documents, the submission of documents to buying entities, nor translation, mediation, and litigation services. 

  2. Provision of tailored assistance services: the exact guidance activities to be provided to each beneficiary will be tailored based on the nature and needs, as agreed during the Kick-off meeting. 

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4. SPIN4EIC assistance eligibility criteria & selection process  

To receive support in the context of the SPIN4EIC assistance action, applicants must submit the application questionnaire within the following date: 8/04/2024 at 23:59 CET

Please be aware that due to the tight time frame, the assistance services might be limited to late applications.

Applicants are not automatically accepted to participate in the assistance action.  

For the assistance actions, participants must meet the following criteria

  1. Be an EIC beneficiary (“EIC beneficiaries" involve all SMEs and projects funded by the EIC, EIC Pilot, SME Instrument, FTI, Pathfinder, Transition and FET (no matter the year they were funded). SMEs that got the Seal of Excellence (SoE) under Horizon Europe (not before 2021) as well as Women in Tech awardees are also included.); 

  1. Ensure that your company complies with tender requirements stated above (“Selection criteria”); 

  1. Ensure that your company possess the linguistic capacity to submit an offer in the language requested by the tender opportunity (English); 

  1. Ensure that your company has the available resources to participate/allocate to the assistance services. 


5. Disclaimers 

Please note the following disclaimers: 

  • Technical and Administrative Document Drafting Disclaimer:  
    The assistance provided does not encompass the drafting of technical or economic documents, the preparation of administrative documents, or the submission of documents to buying entities.  

  • Language Translation Disclaimer:  
    This assistance action does not extend to the translation of documents. 

  • Document development responsibility Disclaimer:  
    The assistance action is tailored to offer assistance in selected aspects of the procurement process; however, the beneficiary will be responsible for the development of all the documents related to the opportunity.   


6. Open Call for the SPIN4EIC Assistance Action 

Please note that in addition to this Sub-call for EOI, you should also complete and submit the form for the Open Call, which is available here.

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