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Story 03 April 2024

How to accelerate the growth of European innovators through EIC Partnerships – side event at the EIC Summit 2024

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The session “Accelerating the growth of European innovators through EIC Partnerships” gathered 60+ organisations from the EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support programme, one of the EIC’s Business Acceleration Services (BAS). Designed to bring the EIC Partners together and facilitate multidimensional networking among the entire partner ecosystem, the gathering was held on 18 March, as a side event of the EIC Summit.

Among the hot topics of the day was the introduction of a new funding mechanism, an EIC-funded initiative called EIC Accessplus (EIC ACCESS+). This instrument aims to boost EIC beneficiaries’ access to the services provided by EIC Partners exclusively through the EIC Service Catalogue.

Additionally, two rounds of roundtable discussions were held, giving EIC Partners the opportunity to voice their ideas and provide feedback to the EIC on subjects such as improving communication with EIC beneficiaries and enhancing outreach strategies, among others. The session was moderated by André Barbosa, from the Programme Team, and Agnieszka Stasiakowska, Head of Sector on the Business Acceleration Services at the EIC & EISMEA.

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Stéphane Ouaki, Head of Department of the European Innovation Council & EISMEA, set the event in motion by welcoming all participants. His speech was followed by Agnieszka Stasiakowska, who shared the EIC strategic vision and the programme’s overview.

Stéphane Ouaki

This presentation included some key figures featured in the EIC Impact Report 2023 and EIC BAS main achievements, such as 150+ matching events with corporates, investors and procurers, 2200+ beneficiaries attending and 125 deals, among others.

EIC BAS Main Achievements

What’s new on the Ecosystem Programme

Tedora Aibu, from the Programme Team, outlined the journey of the EIC Ecosystems Partnerships. The initiative has increasingly adopted a service-driven approach, placing a higher focus on the EIC Service Catalogue, which currently features over 130 EIC Partners. In 2022, the project also released a report about the requirements of EIC beneficiaries called “EIC Beneficiaries Portfolio and Need Analysis”. Currently, the programme is also dedicated to coordinating with the co-financing initiative, EIC ACCESS+.

As representatives of the winner consortium for EIC ACCESS+, Aleardo Furlani, Founder and CEO of INNOVA S.r.l., and Senior Consultant, Antonio Zangrilli shared the main steps of the project. This initiative, launched within the framework of the Business Acceleration Services, aims to provide advanced cross-border coaching and economic support for specialised services.

The action has a 24-month duration and is expected to start in the second quarter of this year. Regarding the type of support, it will be provided as Financial Support to Third Parties in the form of lump sums.

The target EIC beneficiaries include members of the EIC Community, awardees of the EIC Pilot (2018-2020) and entities awarded a Seal of Excellence under the EIC Work Programmes of Horizon Europe.

Innova CEO Aleardo Furlan

Success Stories from the EIC Partners: InnovX and BGI

The agenda also included an inspiring session featuring testimonials from EIC Partners and beneficiaries. Daniel Dumitrescu, CEO of InnovX from Romania, and Soraia Caetano, Project Manager at BGI from Portugal, took the stage to share facts and figures about their most successful collaborations with the EIC beneficiaries.

Launched five years ago in Bucharest, InnovX has accelerated 185+ startups and scaleups. The company showcased its collaboration with AllPriv, a participant in the InnovX Accelerator program. Daniel highlighted the role of Ioana David, Managing Director at Cleverage.VC, a Venture Capital Fund focused on health-tech across Central and Eastern Europe. Dumitrescu emphasised that “her support was pivotal to the full-scale deployment of AllPriv's solutions within the health vertical, underlining Cleverage.VC's commitment to nurturing technological advancements in the healthcare sector.”

With over a decade of experience, BGI shared their journey, having supported more than 250 beneficiaries, including Bac3Gel, awarded an EIC Accelerator in 2023. “From conceptualisation to execution, BGI guided us in selecting the most suitable equipment, negotiating fair procurement prices, and optimizing laboratory layout and operational workflows. The return on investment far exceeded our expectations, affirming BGI's exceptional value and expertise in propelling our project to success,” declared Sebastião van Uden, Bac3Gel’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Roundtables discussion – EIC Partners’ insights

Following the session, over 60 partners engaged in insightful discussions, strengthening connections, and discussions covered various selected topics, fostering group interaction, open dialogue and looking for innovative solutions.

The valuable inputs gathered will play a crucial role in shaping the project’s next steps and guiding the EIC’s future collaborations with organisations across the ecosystem.

round tables discussion partners

The session also allowed participants to pose their questions to the speakers of the event. In the aftermath of the gathering, a quality survey has also been shared to collect additional suggestions regarding the program and its future initiatives.

Looking ahead, a new meeting is already scheduled for next year’s EIC Summit, in 2025, ensuring continued engagement and collaboration within the ecosystem.

About the EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme

The Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme is expanding the EIC’s Business Acceleration Services (BAS) by creating a network of specialized, sector-focused partners that can help innovators access the services they need. It is also dedicated to promoting co-investment along with the EIC Fund, by preparing beneficiaries to interact with investors and connecting them through matchmaking and dedicated events.  

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