As an EIC-funded SME, you probably already had the chance to pitch your solution in one of many EIC matchmaking initiatives. But did you ever try to build win-win synergies and co-create solutions with large corporates, industrial associations and European regions? The EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme aims to leverage unique collaborative experiences between EIC companies and large European organisations and offer EIC companies the chance to co-create products and services. In this light, the European Innovation Council and the European association representing the paper industry (Cepi) invite you to apply to our joint EIC GHG Co-creation initiative. Discover how to apply below and co-create your next green innovation with one of the most sustainable sectors worldwide. 

The manifesto for environmental stewardship and action has shown how dependant we are on each other to achieve sustainable development and collective wellbeing. With this in mind, multiple European corporates, regions and industrial organizations are taking action to reduce their climate impacts, while building innovative collaborations to drive common progress and achieve mutual goals. But to do so, they need you! 


Interested in applying for this co-creation journey with Cepi?

Sign-up for the EIC GHG Co-creation with Cepi until 19 August HERE.


Through the EIC GHG Co-creation with Cepi, EIC beneficiaries can network with Cepi’s industrial members and potential customers, develop solutions with industrial stakeholders, better understand the pulp and papermaking industry and build a roadmap for market entry. Companies are also offered support from co-creation experts.

The co-creation journey with Cepi kicks off with an event on 12 & 13 October 2021. More info on the co-creation process and timeline can be found below


About Cepi | Working across the value chain – From forest owners to converters and further

Cepi, the European association representing the paper industry, is a non-profit-making organisation based in Brussels. Cepi represents 500 pulp, paper & board production companies, 895 mills across Europe, more than 180 000 people and 22% of global paper production. 92% of the raw materials are sourced in Europe and certified as sustainable, 91% of the water used is returned in good condition to the environment. The sector is the world champion in recycling at the rate of 72%. At the forefront of the decarbonisation and industrial transformation of our economy, Cepi embraces digitalisation and bring 20 billion value addition to the European economy and €5.5 billion investments annually.


1. Why should you join the EC GHG Co-creation programme?

+    Explore how your solutions and capabilities can apply to the paper industry
+    Network and collaborate with Cepi’s industrial partners
+    Build a roadmap of market entry with Cepi’s industrial partners
+    Closely work with partners on solutions that can best fit the market
+    Find potential partners and customers in the European paper industry
+    Get access to experts from the EIC


2. Your co-creation journey

The EIC GHG Co-creation with Cepi will be an entirely virtual service for six months, following the co-creation journey below.

Step 1: Applications and Info webinar

To apply to the EIC GHG Co-creation with Cepi, you will have to fill the application form available here by 19 August 2021.

During the application process, an info webinar (14 July 2021, 14:00 CET) will be organised to provide more information about the co-creation initiative, the application requirements and the challenges. If you would like to attend this info-webinar, register here.

*Please note that your registration to the info webinar does not imply that you will be selected for the co-creation initiative with Cepi.


Step 2: Selection process

As soon as we close the submission process, your application will be shared with Cepi and its industrial members, and they will proceed with the evaluation and selection of the final list of participants. You will be conducted once the selection process is concluded. However, any feedback or recommendation to the companies that were not selected is not foreseen.


Step 3: Co-creation kick-off event – 12 & 13 October | Save the date!

After the selection process, a two-day ideation event with Cepi’s industrial members will take place on 12 & 13 of October 2021. This will help you better understand the challenges and start co-developing your solutions with the business partners. During this meeting, you will also have the chance to define a clear roadmap with your next steps.


Step 4: Iteration & Development

Two months period to implement the roadmap that you define with the business partners and validate it with them regularly ensuring you are steering in the right direction.


Demo Day

The Demo Day will showcase the final solutions and promote them to a bigger audience. Date TBD.


3. Time to reduce, recover and reuse: the 3 R’s from Cepi challenges  

Cepi and its industrial members are committed to adapt to the EU GHG reduction targets. For this EIC GHG co-creation initiative, the industrial association brought complex problems linked to sustainable transformation on innovative solutions that can significantly reduce the amount of heat needed for drying the paper. Either by the recovery of the latent heat, the removal water without evaporation, or the reduction of the amount of water to be evaporated. All of them will require fresh thinking and a new approach based on novel technologies and models.   


Cepi and its industrial members are looking for:

Challenge 1. Integration of innovative heat pump technologies

EIC companies working on innovative heat recovery, storage or upgrading technologies as well as EIC companies with expertise on connecting process design and heat conditions to technological requirements should apply to this challenge.

Challenge 2. Integral drying and heat recovery processes

Cepi and industrial members are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of energy efficient drying, including airless drying, superheated steam, vapour-air separation technologies or any other drying technology that facilitates efficient recovery of latent heat from drying exhaust.

Challenge 3. Papermaking without water evaporation

Cepi and its members are searching for innovative technologies that can isolate water from a wet paper web without evaporation or eliminating water from the papermaking process. This may include technologies applying electric fields, electro-osmosis or supercritical CO2, but does not preclude other technologies that can achieve a more than 50% reduction in energy consumption for water removal.

Challenge 4. Process optimisation and electrification (modular approach)

Unit process optimisation and intensification can lead to energy savings in several parts of the process. This includes: mild repulping technologies, more effective fibre refining technologies, innovative mechanical dewatering technologies, and electricity-based technologies in dewatering and drying.

More information about the challenges from Cepi can be found here.


Additional information

About the EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page.

The Business Acceleration Services provided are free of charge. All participants are expected to fill out a brief satisfaction survey shortly after the event and a monitoring system throughout the programme. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from future Business Acceleration Services.


About the EIC GHG Programme

With the EIC GHG programme, part of the Business Acceleration Services, the EIC offers its beneficiaries the support and expertise needed to assess, track and efficiently reduce their carbon footprint through the use of a dedicated GHG tool, monthly webinars and further resources. 
In addition, co-creation activities with corporates, industrial associations, regions in carbon transition and other EIC beneficiaries are planned. More information on the EIC GHG programme can be found here.


Cancellation policy

Cancellations will only be considered in duly documented cases of "force majeure". Unjustified cancellation can lead to exclusion in future Business Acceleration Services events.

Should you have any questions regarding the event or your eligibility, please contact us through our contact page (please choose "EIC GHG: Co-creation with Cepi" as the subject).


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