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Story 14 March 2024

Open call: Join the EIC T2M Bootcamp for innovative researchers

Fahimeh Mousavi

As part of the EIC Tech to Market Programme (EIC T2M), the European Innovation Council (EIC) invites EIC Pathfinder (former FET-Open and FET-Proactive), EIC Transition, and all innovators eligible for EIC Tech to Market (see section “Who can apply”) to apply for the EIC T2M Bootcamp for innovative researchers. The new batch will kick off in June 2024.

The virtual initiative will take place from 3 to 5 June 2024, with one last pitching day on 1st July 2024. It will consist of collective workshops and one-on-one sessions with coaches. 

The former participants found the EIC T2M Bootcamp for innovative researchers enriching and fostering clarity and goal priorities for their project direction. A special appreciation was given for the support in constructing effective roadmaps and business models, combining entrepreneurial and strategic thinking when approaching investors, organising captivating pitches, and building strong teams within their companies.


Are you interested in this opportunity?
Make sure to apply until 15 May 2024!  


What to expect from it?

The EIC T2M Bootcamp for innovative researchers aims to help innovative researchers and early-stage startups navigate through the entrepreneurial world and acquire the right skills to exit the lab to market successfully. 

The Bootcamp is four full days programme divided into two sequences (3+1), held one month apart. During this month between the two sequences, you will have the opportunity to get advice from coaches to deep-dive into all the important elements of your pitch (value proposition, customers, product-market fit, team, IP, roadmap…, etc.).

It comprises an out-of-the-box approach to nurture your major business model hypotheses: 

  1. Shape all components of your business model 
  2. Build a strong pitch and get it challenged  
  3. Create a first network of entrepreneurs


Activities and timeline:

Bootcamp will take online, place over four days, starting with the first three consecutive days of 3, 4, and 5 June 2024, followed by the last day on 1 July 2024.

The four days are split into two parts:  

  • 3 consecutive days of deep-dive workshops on selected topics to get feedback from experts;
  • 1 day (one month later) of the pitch workshop.

+ Office hours with experts after the first 3 days and before the last one (3 weeks), to dig with you all around the major entrepreneurial topics and get your pitch ready to be challenged.


Topics of deep dive sessions:

  • Mission Statement 
  • Value proposition 
  • Customer Discovery 
  • Product/Market Fit 
  • Intro to finance & Licence negotiation 
  • Team presentation 
  • Roadmap


Who can apply?

The application for this initiative is open only to EIC Pathfinder (ex. FET-Open and FET-Proactive), EIC Transition, FET Flagships, Women TechEU beneficiaries and EIC Seal of Excellence holders. 

Please note that projects from all domains and sectors are welcome to apply.

The EIC T2M Bootcamp for innovative researchers is open to motivated teams of researchers and to individual researchers. For teams, complementary profiles are considered to form eligible and successful teams and provide high-quality engagement. The profile of participants can be:

  • Entrepreneurial lead/representative: responsible for the business orientation and entrepreneurial side of the idea/innovation (usually postdocs, PhD students, or any researcher who could imagine herself/himself as a potential entrepreneur or a business profile).
  • Technology lead/representative: responsible for the technical development of the idea/innovation.

The availability is limited, and a selection committee will choose the best applications based on the following criteria:

  • Maturity and potential impact of the submitted innovation idea
  • Strong motivation to work on the entrepreneurial project

EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services through its Tech to Market programme

All participants need to fill out a short quality survey shortly after the event, and an impact survey after six months.

To explore further opportunities, keep an eye on our events page.

The services to be delivered will cover EIC beneficiaries from all the countries participating in the EIC programme, namely, all the 27 EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries.

To learn more about EIC Tech to Market (T2M) programmes, check out the FAQ page


Cancellation policy

Cancellations will only be considered in duly documented cases of “force majeure”. Unjustified cancellation can lead to exclusion in future Business Acceleration Services events.

Should you have any questions regarding the event or your eligibility, please contact us through our contact page (please choose “EIC T2M Entrepreneurship Programme” as the subject).

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interest of knowledge sharing and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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