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Story 30 November 2022

Open Call – EIC Winter School: Sharpen your communication skills!

Oriana Baptista

The EIC Winter School’s back in business! On 20 & 27 January 2023, the European Innovation Council (EIC) is organising a new edition of the EIC Winter School, focused on topics essential for your innovation, namely Personal & Business Branding and Public Speaking & Social Media. Divided into two online sessions, the Winter School will offer EIC beneficiaries the opportunity to get together with experts to access a group of key information related to the topics. Discover how to join our sessions below. 


There are limited places: secure your spot before 16 December 12pm CET!

1st session – 20 January 2023 (9:30 to 13:30 CET) – apply here

2nd session – 27 January 2023 (9:30 to 13:30 CET) – apply here


The EIC Winter School 2023 will be addressing topics designed to help EIC beneficiaries in a multi-scope scenario: Personal & Business Branding and Public Speaking & Social Media. Divided into two online sessions of 4 hours each, the EIC Winter School will offer beneficiaries the opportunity to receive insights and learn more about tools that will help elevate their innovations. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to promote engagement, visibility and network with EIC peers!


How does it work? 

  • Dates: Friday, 20 January and Friday, 27 January 2023, from 9:30 to 13:30 CET. 
  • We guarantee a good learning experience by limiting the sessions to a maximum of 30 participants. Priority is given to the EIC beneficiaries that register to attend both sessions.
  • Even though each training is a standalone session with its own registration, we encourage you to follow the two sessions. 
  • Training material per session will be shared in the dedicated group on the EIC Community Platform.


20 January 2023 | Session 1 on Personal & Business Branding

  • Personal Branding
    • Baking my P.I.E
    • What makes up a strong Personal Brand
    • Developing my own Personal Brand
  • Business Branding
    • What is branding and why is it important for my business?
    • Who is my audience and how can I define them? (Target)
    • Why are we doing what we're doing? (Brand Purpose)
    • Where do I see my business in 5-10 years? (Vision)
    • How will I achieve my goals? (Mission)
    • How do I want to be perceived by my target audience? (Personality, Tone of Voice)
    • What does my business stand for? What values drive the team and the people we work with? (Brand Values)
    • What differentiates me from my competition? (Differentiators, Positioning) 
    • Conclusion: Overview of a brand definition


Meet the speakers

  • Personal Branding

- Jill Adams | Leadership Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

Jill Adams was educated in the UK and has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Nottingham University. During the first 15 years of her career, Jill worked as a senior leader for a global FMCG company where she implemented and led change in Engineering/Manufacturing organisations and across European-wide supply chains. She was also particularly active in developing networks and processes to promote an environment of inclusion. 


  • Business Branding

- Carla Moss | Branding Strategy Expert

With a Master’s Degree in Product Marketing and 10 years of experience in both Branding and Strategic Marketing, Carla Moss does every bit of research with strategic drive in mind. Working for big agency names like Y&R or Kantar Consulting allowed her to shape national and international marketing strategies for big brands. Carla is fascinated by people and figuring out why they do what they do – the trends they identify with and the culture and content they choose to surround themselves with.


27 January 2023 | Session 2 on Public Speaking & Social Media

  • Public Speaking
    • What makes a good presenter–speaker (and moderator)? 
    • Online, hybrid, physical events – what to think about?  
    • Preparing as a speaker – content narrative, messages, slides etc. Delivering as a speaker – tone, rhythm, physicality, clothing etc. Presenter as Moderator – session rundown, managing speakers (incl. SLIDO/other) 
    • Dedicated Q&A 
  • Social Media
    • An intensive training on social media, that will help with know-how and the correct approach for both personal and professional use of social media channels, how to build or improve the personal digital presence, followed by tips and tricks on how to manage the business digital presence for your company/ project.
    • What’s the take on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any of the social networking sites? Where and how to connect with the consumers and/or the target audience?


Meet the speakers

  • Public Speaking

- Katrina Sichel | Event Presenter-Moderator, Communications Specialist, Content Writer, Media and Presentation Trainer, Voiceover Artist

Katrina Sichel is a London-born, Brussels-based moderator with a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University. As part of her career path spanning steel-trading in West Africa to business development in the post- Soviet states, she spent four years as a Director and Head of Production of an award-winning broadcast PR company. She also delivered broadcast-based Training in Media and Presenting to clients such as Siemens, Visa International, BBC, Forensic Science Service, Rolls-Royce, Going Places. 

  • Social Media

- Erin Cusick | EIC Online Community Manager

With a total of 4 years working in Social Media – 2 for the European Innovation Council – Erin Cusick has a deep understanding of many social media platforms and the benefits they can provide. From organic to paid campaigns, copywriting and graphic design, she will provide the basics you need to grow your social media presence.

- Oana Popescu | EIC Community Manager & Business Acceleration Services Communication Coordinator

Oana is part of the Business Acceleration Services Team at European Innovation Council, coordinating the EIC Community and Communication activities. She has spent the last 7+ years working in strategic communication and marketing in the private and public sectors in Bucharest and Brussels.



Are you looking for more EIC services? 

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. The Community Events are recurrent activities of the Business Acceleration Services. Keep your eyes on the EIC Community and BAS Calendar for further details!

Please use our contact form if you have any queries on this initiative or other events presented by the EIC Business Acceleration Services (please choose “EIC Winter School” as the subject).


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