Once you get your company ready to fly higher, it's time to take a deeper look into yourself and the people helping your innovations get off the ground! We will close our first cohort of the EIC Women Leadership Programme with two special training opportunities provided in partnership with The Do School. Even though each training is a standalone session with its own registration, we encourage you to follow at least the last two sessions as a series. The first session on 24 February will focus on your team approach to establish a successful and committed environment. The event will give you the right tools to increase your team’s engagement, productivity, and ownership by using disruptive leadership elements. You’ll also learn more about human resources management and how you can select and maintain promising talents and diversity in your organisation.


Register here (registrations are open until 23 February).


Date: 24 February 2022 

Facilitators: Scott Goldner and Eva Vander Giessen  

Duration: 3h00 (9:30h – 12h30 CET)


Key objectives: 

  • Approach disruptive leadership elements and tools to raise your employees’ engagement, productivity, and ownership  
  • Access human resources aspects to become the leader of the future: how to select and maintain talents and diversity in your company/research
  • Challenging the status quo: support women to reduce the gender gap of European leaders


Meet the Facilitators

  • Scott Goldner – Programme lead

Scott has experience building, developing and leading organizations, learning institutions, and programs at various phases of development – conceptual, start-up, local growth, national scaling, international scaling and improvement/turnaround. Developing people and teams and building community have always been at the heart of the programs that Scott has helped to design and has been a key part of his work with his own team responsible for delivering these programs. 

Additionally, Scott has always enjoyed coaching others to find both impact and balance in their lives and work. After his previous role as interim-CEO / Chief Educational Program Officer at Kiron Open Higher Education, Scott realized that this is what he wants to do most – to help others to do more purposeful, impactful work and to enable them to help and learn from each other. The DO is an excellent home for Scott because it enables him to work with multiple partners and scores of participants – maximizing their learning and experience, as well his own and that of his team. The DO’s mission and vision fit so well with how Scott approaches his work – seeing purposeful DOing as the best way to work and community and movement-building as the only way for us to truly transform into a more purposeful economy and to together solve our most pressing challenges. He is thrilled to continue his journey at The DO – helping partners and participants to foster change and have positive impact through their ventures, teams, and organizations and as both individuals and part of a larger community of purposeful DOing.


  • Eva Vander Giessen - Programme Manager

Eva supports The DO School’s impact entrepreneurs working on environmental and social justice, and connects them with a global community of purposeful DOers. Her background is in designing and facilitating workshops and incubators for entrepreneurs and artists to drive social change in the communities they know best. She leads the UN Women‘s Industry Disruptor, a collaboration between UN Women and The DO, to tackle the fashion & lifestyle industry‘s pressing equity and sustainability issues with hundreds of entrepreneurs and multinational corporations. 

Previously, Eva worked with teams of Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs at Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow in partnership with MIT, as a facilitator in YES! Arts and Social Change Jams, and in education and vocational training alongside women and youth in Afghanistan. Eva is the co-founder of San Francisco Playback Theater and serves on the advisory boards of Afghan Friends Network and Playback North America. Her love of wild places, dance, and putting compassion into action continues to get her into the best kind of trouble around the world.



Additional information

The EIC Women Leadership Programme participants have to join at least 75% of these events. These events are important steps that will mark your participation in the EIC Women Leadership Programme, so you should really strive to be present. If your participation is not possible, please inform the organisation team as soon as you can.


About the EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page. 


About the EIC Women Leadership Programme

The EIC WLP aims to enhance skills and promote networking for women in the EIC Community. In doing so, the EIC seeks to increase the number of women-led companies created and succeeding in business, and increase diversity in innovation and tech. The EIC Women Leadership Programme will also establish several partnerships with experienced European Female organisations to deliver training and networking events that go beyond its own network, bringing unique and novel opportunities. 


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