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Story 14 July 2022

Open Call – EIC Summer School 2022 on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Mastering the do’s and don'ts


The EIC Summer School’s back in! On 15 & 22 July 2022, the EIC is organising its third edition of the EIC Summer School, focused on two crucial topics for your innovation, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Open to all EIC beneficiaries, the workshops will be held on two Friday mornings, 15 and 22 July, and will feature experts from EISMEA, European Patent Office and the EU IP Helpdesk. Discover how to join our sessions below. 


There are limited places: secure your spot before 12 July!

1st session - 15 July 2022 (9:00 to 12:00 CET) – apply here

2nd session – 22 July 2022 (9:00 to 12:00 CET) – apply here


The EIC Summer School 2022 will be addressing two topics of utmost concern for EIC innovators wanting to establish their initiatives in the European market: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Divided into two online sessions of 3 hours each, the EIC Summer School will offer our beneficiaries the opportunity to get virtually together with experts from EISMEA, European Patent Office and the EU IP Helpdesk.


How does it work? 

  • The EIC Summer School on GDPR & IPR consists of two interactive training sessions, taking place on a Friday morning (half days): 09:00-12:00h CET
  • Dates: 15 and 22 July 2022. 
  • We guarantee a good learning experience by limiting the sessions to a maximum of 30 participants. Please notice that our application process will give priority to blended finance participants. Other projects will follow the first-come, first-served policy.  
  • Even though each training is a standalone session with its own registration, we encourage you to follow the two sessions. 
  • Training material per session will be shared in the dedicated group on the EIC Community Platform.


15 July 2022 | Session 1 on GDPR: Establishing trustworthiness in data privacy policy

  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

    • Scope and application; 
    • Key definitions, principles and approaches;
    • Data subject rights;
    • Data transfers;
    • Research derogations under GDPR.
  • Data protection for Horizon Europe projects: how to ensure ethics compliance


Meet the speaker:

  • Albena Kuyumdzhieva GDPR & Data Ethics Expert


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Dr. Albena Kuyumdzhieva is a Policy Adviser at the EIC Board, Strategy and Feedback to Policy Unit, European Innovation Council and SME Agency. Her work is focused on deeptech innovation, AI and digitalisation.

Before joining EISMEA, Albena was part of the Ethics team in DG Research and Innovation, where her work was focused on the ethics of new technologies and on ensuring ethics compliance of personal data processing as part of the Horizon 2020 Ethics Review Process.  In this capacity, Albena has been involved in the elaboration of policy guidelines and recommendations related to data ethics in the research context.

Albena holds a degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Master's degrees in Law and Finances. She is a certified Data Protection Officer and holds Privacy Management Professional Diploma.


22 July 2022 | Session 2 on IPR: Balancing rights to potentiate intellectual goods

  • Why is intellectual property important - Social purpose 
  • Basics of IP (types of IP rights) - only a brief overview or explained in detail, depending on the level of knowledge of the participants 
  • IP in collaborative research projects 
  • IP Business Strategies (underpinned with case studies) 
  • Other learning resources


  • Why everyone within an SME should know what is a patent, including the marketing manager?
  • How does a patent portfolio influence the life of an SME/Startup? 
  • What are the criteria for patentability? 
  • How to manage a patent after a grant?


Meet the speakers:

  • Claire Fritz | Head of IP & Innovation


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Prior to joining Eurice in 2014, Claire Fritz worked as a Business Development Manager in an international industrial group and gained experience in strategic controlling, business valuations including financial modelling and post-merger integration processes. Since entering the IP world, Claire has built an extensive track record in the successful project and stakeholder management of IP and innovation support initiatives, such as the European IP Helpdesk, the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk, the India IP SME Helpdesk, the Horizon IP Scan service and several projects for and with the EUIPO. She has profound expertise in strategic project planning, management and coordination, successful tender writing, establishing and implementing holistic long-term stakeholder partnerships and IP community management processes (EC, Enterprise Europe Network, EIC, EIT, EUIPO, EPO, CPVO, national patent offices, clusters, NCP Academy, etc.).


  • Bogdan Gavază | Intellectual Property Manager


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Bogdan Gavază is a former Patent Examiner at the European Patent Office, has proven expertise in change and innovation and is currently in charge of the Intellectual Property Department of Shark Robotics, a robot design company. 

Open-minded and a genuine problem-solver with solid experience in IT-related Project Management in multicultural environments, Bogdan Gavază is the founder of the Romanian School in The Hague.


Please use our contact form if you have any queries on this initiative or other events presented by the EIC Business Acceleration Services (please choose “EIC Summer School” as the subject).

To check EIC Summer School-related content from previous editions, we invite you to read the EIC Coffee Break with the Summer School trainer Andre Doria, that led the EIC Summer School 2021 on negotiation. 


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