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Story 02 March 2023

Open Call – EIC Corporate Day with Vattenfall: Help us make fossil-free living possible!

Jasper Havermans

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Business Acceleration Services and Vattenfall invite EIC beneficiaries to apply to an EIC Corporate Day on 23 & 24 May 2023 at the corporate’s offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands). This specially designed service is meant to gear up collaboration with the corporate and forge new partnerships. Being one of the leaders in offshore wind development, Vattenfall is determined to enable fossil-free living within one generation. 

Make sure to APPLY until 26 March 2023! 


Vattenfall is a European energy company with approximately 19,000 employees. For more than 100 years, the corporate has electrified industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernised the way of living through innovation and cooperation. Vattenfall is currently looking beyond its industry to see where it can make a difference and is trying to find new and sustainable ways to electrify transportation, industries and heating. 

EIC beneficiaries selected to attend the EIC Corporate Day with Vattenfall on 23 & 24 May 2023 will have access to specific training for pitching, pre-arranged meetings with top decision-makers from Vattenfall, and the possibility to network with high-level partners and like-minded innovators in a dedicated event at Vattenfall’s offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands).  


Who can apply?  

This is an exclusive call for EIC beneficiaries only. Applications are open for EIC beneficiaries that can provide innovative solutions to the following Vattenfall challenges:   

Challenge 1:

Ecological innovation and circularity in connection with offshore windfarms   

Vattenfall is looking for solutions that ensure a minimal or even positive impact on the local ecology in the presence, planning, building, operating or decommissioning of an offshore wind farm. This could range from measures to reduce the impact of the asset or adding of features to enhance wildlife/local ecological ecosystem(s). Also, the aspect of circularity is a key element in the design of the wind farm and the use of materials.

Challenge 2

Energy storage solution in connection with Offshore windfarms either inside the site or at landfall 

Vattenfall is exploring the potential energy storage addition to offshore wind farms to enhance the match of production and demand – reduce external balancing needs and enhance the value created by an otherwise inherently fluctuating energy source. 

Challenge 3

Alternative energy production for co-location with offshore wind 

Utilising the area reserved for offshore wind, and to increase the predictability of production Vattenfall is searching for a solution to be added to the site, that increases the yield of the windfarm (including additions) not limited to the production of electrical power but aids the energy system in general. 

Challenge 4

Resilience of offshore windfarms 

Vattenfall’s fleet of offshore wind farms is increasing, and so is the industry, this is to a level where the assets operated are becoming critical infrastructure, and the availability of the asset is fundamental to modern living in Europe. Therefore, Vattenfall is looking for approaches to ensure the continued operation and survivability of the operating fleet under hostile environmental conditions or purposeful interference with the continued operation. 


Opportunities for selected EIC beneficiaries 

  • Privileged access to one of the world’s leading companies with the potential to initiate strategic partnerships along with increased visibility and possible access to new markets.  
  • Networking opportunities with relevant business counterparts based on your company profile.  
  • Personalised online training on pitching techniques and Vattenfall’s specifications before the event.  
  • Services related to support before, during and after the event.  



EIC beneficiaries can apply by clicking on the following link.  

After logging in with their EU-Login, please fill in the respective form.   

In the application form, you should include the answer to the questions:   

  • What is your business compliance with the matchmaking event?   
  • What are your expected specific synergies/outcomes for your potential business with the corporation?   

Please acknowledge the information you provide on the application form is shared with Vattenfall to maximise potential benefits and ensure the effectiveness of meetings. 

Please read the privacy statement for more information. 

Based on its business interests, Vattenfall will select the final participants among the applicants. The Business Acceleration Services team will contact all selected applicants once the process finishes. However, this contact does not include feedback or recommendations for those not selected.   


Additional information 

About Vattenfall 

Vattenfall is a European energy company with approximately 19,000 employees. For more than 100 years, they have electrified industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernised the way of living through innovation and cooperation. Now, Vattenfall wants to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. Read more about Vattenfall’s mission on their website.

About the EIC Business Acceleration Services    

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC Business Acceleration Services. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page.   

All participants are expected to fill out a brief satisfaction survey shortly after the event and a business impact survey after six months. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from future Business Acceleration Services.   


Cancellation policy   

Cancellations will only be considered in duly documented cases of “force majeure”. Unjustified cancellation can lead to exclusion in future Business Acceleration Services events. For additional information, please refer to our Helpdesk (please choose “EIC Corporate Day with Vattenfall” as the subject).

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interest of knowledge sharing and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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