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Story 25 October 2021

News: EIC Pathfinder company React4Life wins IR Prize "Health Tech Innovation" category

Mariana Marques

On 21 October, the Innovation Radar awarded outstanding innovations emerging from research and innovation projects financed by the EU in its annual event. React4Life, an EIC-funded company from Italy, won the Category 'Innovative Health Tech'. This biotech SME was awarded for its organ-on-a-chip solution that supports the development of personalised drugs and can accelerate the development of new therapies.


The annual event of the Innovation Radar gathered 12 finalists from all across Europe. During the session, the companies pitched the market plans for their EU-backed ground-breaking innovations and faced a jury composed of investors and entrepreneurs. Besides the 'Innovative Health Tech', won by React4Life, three other prizes were offered during the ceremony: the general Innovation Radar award and the prizes for 'Innovative Sustainability Tech' and 'Disruptive innovation'.


React4Life is an innovative company whose mission is to develop fluidic systems allowing to cultivate 3D living tissues to accelerate biomedical research and the discovery of new oncological therapies. Their primary goal is to accelerate drug development and boost personalised oncological medicine.


React4Life has two European funded projects in its curriculum: the ongoing project financed by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme named B2B; and the project MOOD supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator funding.


To discover more about their innovation, please read their interview available here: 


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