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Story 14 March 2022

Stories: EIC-funded CrayoNano has signed an industrialisation & development agreement for innovative nanowire UVC LED chips


CrayoNano, a Norwegian semiconductor company funded by the EIC, recently signed an agreement with SemiLEDs for cooperation in the development of a next generation UVC LED technology applied to the disinfection market.


UVC LEDs are a promising technology that can make chemical-free disinfection possible thanks to their efficiency, long-lasting and compact design. However, the solutions that are currently available in the market have high costs and a weak performance in terms of energy consumption. In this context, CrayoNano aims to offer a pioneering solution with an innovative UVC LED technology. 


CrayoNano’s patented and ground-breaking technology merges two nanomaterials to create a hyper material. This combination generates new material with strain-free high crystal quality, an essential requirement for an efficient and reliable UVC LED.




Looking to fast-track their development, CrayoNano found in SemiLEDs, a well-known manufacturer of UV LEDs, an important partner to provide experience, capabilities and resources. According to Jo Uthus, CEO of CrayoNano: “We can cooperate with SemiLEDs to utilise their industrial level cleanroom and patented technology capabilities to fast track our development process, industrialise our UVC LED technology at scale, and bring products to market more efficiently.”.


Jo Uthus also talked to us about the company’s market entry objectives in light of this new partnership: “Our primary objective remains getting our products into customers’ hands. Thanks to both our relationship with SemiLEDs and other partners, we are actively working to ensure our intellectual property remains protected and mitigate supply chain risks. We are looking forward to a controlled market entry targeting water purification, at a quality and scale that will significantly improve quality of life.”.


CrayoNano received a Phase 2 grant and blended finance from the European Innovation Council to work on a solution based on a pioneering UVC LED sterilisation technology that would be able to emit three times more light and have a three times longer lifetime at a quarter of the costs of standard UVC LEDs. 


DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interest of knowledge sharing and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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