The winds of change were acknowledged during the EIC’s launching event of the Women Leadership Programme on October 7, now it’s time to continue overcoming gender barriers and encourage female power. To do so, we invite you – one of the 50 selected participants of the programme – to join our dedicated training and networking sessions. These events will enhance the participants’ business skills and promote their networking beyond the EIC Community. By joining our events, you will follow a leadership development journey that will start with fundamental entrepreneurial skills, followed by more specific support in business matters. Discover our next training and networking event below, and don’t miss the opportunity to register your participation!


Training and Networking Event #1 with Impulse4Women:  22 October, from 9:30h to 13h00

Strategies and tips to move from start-up to scale-up 

Getting your business off the ground can be difficult but scaling it up will bring you a new array of challenges to handle with. As a young entrepreneur, you will need to manage both: the art of the start and the audacity of scale, while building a broad management skillset and strong collaborations. Did we scare you? If we did, please don’t worry too much because we have the right training for you. On 22 October, our first EIC WLP Training and Networking session will take a deep dive into the strategies and tips to create and grow your business. And who better than experienced investors and managing directors to guide you through the process? Our session, organised in Partnership with Impulse4Women, will bring you the tips and tricks that you need, but also the testimonials from who already walked a mile in your shoes.   


Register here (registrations are open until 21 October 2021).


Date: 22 October 2021

Facilitator: Taryn Andersen (Impulse4Women) 

Other speakers: Oscar Sala, Audra Shallal and Niclas Holmberg

Duration: 3:30h (9:30h – 13h CET) 



09:30 – 09:45h - Welcome Words
09:45 – 10:00h - Ice Breaker: Tour de table in breakout rooms 
10:00 – 10:35h - Approaching the concepts difference between incubator / accelerator / venture builder by Oscar Sala
10:35 – 11:25h - Plenary Session: When I am gonna be successful (Part I) by Audra Shallal
11:25 – 11:40h - Coffee Break
11:40 – 12:15h - Plenary Session: When I am gonna be successful (Part II) by Taryn Andersen
12:15 – 12:50h - How to prepare a startup to an IPO by Niclas Holmberg
12:50 – 13h00 - Closing remarks by Taryn Andersen + WLP Team


About Impulse4Women

Impulse4women is an international non-profit organisation operating both online and offline to change the world of startup investment distribution based on gender diversity and also social impact led investment. The organisation supports and connects startups with investors, corporations, and public or private organisations and set them up for success. 


Additional information

The EIC Women Leadership Programme participants have to join at least 75% of these events. These events are important steps that will mark your participation in the EIC Women Leadership Programme, so you should really strive to be present. If your participation is not possible, please inform the organisation team as soon as you can.


About the EIC Business Acceleration Services

This opportunity is brought to you by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services. To explore other opportunities to connect with the largest corporates in Europe, keep an eye on our events page. 


About the EIC Women Leadership Programme

The EIC WLP aims to enhance skills and promote networking for women in the EIC Community. In doing so, the EIC seeks to increase the number of women-led companies created and succeeding in business, and increase diversity in innovation and tech. The EIC Women Leadership Programme will also establish several partnerships with experienced European Female organisations to deliver training and networking events that go beyond its own network, bringing unique and novel opportunities.


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