RMLC Visor

The Rapid Manufacture Low Cost (RMLC) Visor is designed to fill the immediate need of personal protective equipment in the current Covid-19 crisis. Several features aide its ease of production and logistics:

  • Just one die cut or laser cut part
  • Minimal manual labour is needed
  • Flat pack and no use of foam lowers the shipping volume
  • A wide range of head band material choices based on availability
  • High rigidity allows the use of material saving 0.25 mm (10 Mil) plastic sheets

Several features improve comfort and usability:

  • Lightweight design at around 26 g (1 oz)
  • Easy and quick assembly in less than 60 seconds
  • Very little plastic comes into contact with the skin
  • A large and also high shielded area
  • An open airpath at the top helps against fogging
  • Easily adjustable distance to the face allows for larger respirators

Inspiration Even as the Covid-19 crisis seems to relax a little in the EU the supply shortages of personal protective equipment become more dire as the virus still spreads around the globe. Industrialised countries outbid each other for PPE and raise the world market prices. Developing countries, which barely can support their healthcare systems in normal times, can’t compete.

What it does The RMLC Visor seeks a good compromise between lowest possible cost, easiest manufacture and compact shipping volume while retaining a great level of wearer comfort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The RMLC Visor is dirt cheap to make.

What I learned How to cold call companies. I’ve called everywhere from Airbus to Zara to ask if they have free die cutting capacities they would like to donate. Also, when you have a not for profit idea, directly call the press office.

What's next for the RMLC Visor Field testing is currently on the way in Ireland, India and the USA. Trough the hackathon I made many new contacts which can help with testing, development or possibly production. I am also working on a silicon and polyester version, which can be disinfected in an autoclave.

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