Co-llectif & EuvsVirus

The problem

Major - Medical risks

We've all been unquestionably affected by the outbreak but not more than those with underlying illnesses that pose a higher medical risk. These people fear for their lives. Catching the virus could significantly red weuce their life expectancy. However, they still need to perform their day-to-day tasks such as, picking up medications, getting groceries...and those who lack a close social network or family support sometimes don't want to ask neighbours or feel that they can't, so they go outside and take the risk. And that's unnecessary, because there are plenty of healthy people ready to help, ready to give their time and who are happy to do it.

Minor Economy

Due to the crisis nearly every European state has been placed under lockdown. The impact on the economy has been disastrous and many convenience stores may not recover.

Minor Environment

The current priority is fighting Covid-19, nevertheless, we still only have one planet Earth. We also need to look forward to the future and stay aware of our carbon footprint.

The solution

Major - Medical risks

To tackle this issue, our solution assists people with medical risks by giving them a free tool to delegate their daily tasks to volunteers. Co-llectif is an intuitive progressive web app that links volunteers with those in need of assistance. It takes just 2 minutes for you to drop a help request which a volunteer then picks up and assists you. The geolocation function will find and match you with volunteers and services within your local vicinity. People require help can ask for medications, groceries but also entertainment such as books, printed media, etc... They can safely get everything they need.

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Co-llectif already exists in France and has helped many people thanks to thousands of volunteers. It's an intuitive and scalable Progressive Web App funded by West Creative Industries and the regional government of Les Pays de la Loire. Our application respects the General Data Protection Regulation by collecting and retaining minimal amounts of data within the EU.

Minor - Economy

Local shops will need help to recover once the lockdown is over. We want to promote their activities and give them visibility thanks to our platform. If the owner requests it, their shop will be highlighted on our live map and we'll encourage volunteers to carry out their errands there.

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Minor - Environment

We want to give the planet a little boost. When a volunteer is about to embark on a mission, the application will explain to them how they can do it in a carbon neutral way and how much of their carbon footprint is going to be reduced.

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What we've done during EuvsVirus

EUvsVirus has been a great opportunity for us to get advice and feedback about our project from all over Europe. We've worked hard to make our website available worldwide and add new services. Many new challenges such as, economical and environmental have been identified and we found solutions that can help everyone. Our team has worked on new ways to interact between those in need and those who volunteer.

The solution’s impact on the crisis

  • Social
    • People with medical risks get help from volunteers.
    • They stay safe and don't risk their lives outside.
    • It's a win-win for everyone as it means that people will be more aware and respectful of social distancing and personal space.
  • Economic
    • We prepare for the resumption of economic activity of local businesses and services.
  • Environment
    • We take care of our Planet Earth by reducing our carbon footprint.

What do we need?


Our service is free and available for everyone. There are no country restrictions as it can work across the whole of Europe.

We are looking for partnerships all across Europe, we need you to bring this idea to life in your countries! We would love to work with you, creating partnerships with associations, homecare companies, townhalls or councils, healthcare authorities, governments and of course the European Union. Bring us people in need and volunteers. Our platform is also here for you! It can help you to organize your network and your work.


Expanding our services in Europe will be hard. We are looking for talented people to help us communicate about us and to promote us in their country. The more people we reach, the more lives we can save!

Furthermore, we would love to work with a SEO/content expert who could improve our ranking and website.


As we plan to expand all over the world, we are interested in getting help in front-end development (React + Mui) to speed up the implementation of new features.


Our website is available in 3 languages French, English and Spanish. However, we used Deepl to make it accessible for everyone. An expert in translation could help us give the *most accurate description.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Once the crisis is over there will still be people with medical risks. Even if they can go outside, some of them can't. We plan to keep the assistance service running for these people.

The health crisis may be over, but what about its economic impact? Local businesses will struggle to recover, some may never recover. We'll increase the focus on convenience stores to help them survive.

Our prototype


  • Production (don't test there): co-llectif
  • Development (test here if you want to): test env
  • What remains?
    • Development:
      • Live chat
      • Community aspect
      • Carbon neutral system
      • Local business partnership system
      • Gamification of the application
    • Translation of the website into more than 3 languages
    • Improving SEO


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