What inspired us

COVID-19 is more than a virus. It changed our reality in ways none of us would expect.

Social interactions have been redefined, work has changed dramatically and before we noticed, we have changed. It isn’t the coronavirus that is devastating financial markets but fear, panic, and instability expressed through collective behavior. It wasn’t the coronavirus that emptied the store shelves but the self-preservation instinct when people are left emotionally lost in a fight against a virus they know nothing about. This virus cannot infect as many people as it scares.

What it does

Using our extensive experience in neuroscience and psychology and our deep understanding of people’s emotions and how the coronavirus will affect them, we created Yellow Canary, a simple to use assessment tool that acts as an Early Warning System. Users need to take a short assessment every day, measuring their conscious and subconscious attitudes. Our software will then automatically calculate their emotional state and let users know their results immediately. This allows people to be in control of their mental and emotional stability by tracking their evolution daily.

How we built it

When we entered the hackathon we had the Yellow Canary website in Romanian and the mental health assessment framework developed on Buyer Brain’s online assessment platform.

During the weekend we built the backend system to allow the user to create an account, build his profile and store his data. We also automatized the analysis and the output results, so that the respondent gets his result automatically after finishing the assessment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we managed to do the whole project in record time – less than 1 month since we had the idea. The platform is up and running and we built it from our own resources. We are also proud that we are able to use our expertise and help our fellow Europeans and people globally recover from the negative impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What's next for Yellow Canary

There is still room for development as we aim to scale the platform and make it accessible to people from all over Europe and globally.

We invite you to experience Yellow Canary and start your assessment here - https://www.yellow-canary.org/

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