The context

Till 2020 in Europe the masks were used mostly by medical personnel. In contrast to people from Asia, Europeans didn't know how it is to be forced to wear a mask when you walk on the street.
The situation changed for everyone at the beginning of the year when the EU started facing one of the most severe crises of the 21st century. All the countries that are affected by it were not ready to deal with such an event. Now we are fighting against spreading the virus. #EUvsVirus

Nowadays many EU citizens have to wear a face mask everywhere they go in order to prevent spreading the virus. The demand has now increased and will continue to remain like that as people will have to wear a mask everyday. In this context the EU countries continue to face the problem of producing and distributing face masks in a fast and efficient way.

The problem

One of the main problems we faced that led to spreading the virus was the limited stocks of medical equipment and especially the face masks. One of the factor why this happened was the limited importing, while EU countries do not have enough production capacity to supply the Union needs.

The most commonly used remain the single-use medical masks. They are still in deficit, but even if you have one - you will need one more every single day. The production capacities are not ready for that, but even if they are EU will start facing new problems. Single-use masks are not a sustainable solution and the environment will be affected by the increased consumption of this dangerous waste.

Faced with the situation to fight the virus with lack of protection equipment, people started wearing reusable textile masks.There are already companies producing such type of masks and we can even make one at home, but can we be sure are they really efficient against spreading the virus? Are they tested? Are there any guarantees?

The solution

We Develop, Produce, Test and Distribute faces masks that are:


Platex face masks are developed to protect the users in a more efficient way than a surgical mask. We are using materials which are specially treated for virus filtration. In collaboration with Bulgarian Academy of Sciences we have tested our masks for viral filtration with a virus similar to SARS_CoV-2. The results show that a regular single-use surgical mask has a viral filtration of 36,90%, while our masks have 90% viral filtration.


Our masks are reusable. They can be easily home sterilized by washing and ironing with steam. The laboratory tests are showing that even after repetitive uses the materials are decreasing their efficiency only up to 68,38%, which is still higher than the surgical single-use masks with 36,90%.

Made of natural materials

We have developed and sourced fabrics made of natural materials, which have been specially treated to ensure the protective properties of our masks. Platex face masks are made from 100% cotton. In contrast to synthetic materials (often used in single-use masks) ours allow to wear them without having skin problems or allergy reactions.

Affordable high quality

The production structure of Platex is based on:

  • Product quality
  • Effective Quality Control
  • Production speed
  • Cost efficiency
  • Waste efficiency

EU production Independence

From the raw materials to the final product they are 100% produced in Bulgaria. This gives EU production independence, together with fast and secure deliveries for every member state.

What is innovative in our masks?

The secret behind Platex Reusable Face Masks is the combination of the best fabrics and their special treatment to ensure the protective properties of our masks.

They are the better alternative of single-use surgical mask, with the potential to change not just the new public culture of single-use mask, but also the well established culture of disposables in the medical industry.

About Platex

Our story began in 1945, since that moment we believe that the most important is the experience and professionalism. We are proud that our company is keeping the traditions and knowledge of four generations of specialists passionate about textile, with enormous knowledge in the industry and willingness to share it.

Our business model is based on trust and long-term relations with our business partners and suppliers. Thanks to the provision of high-quality raw materials and the direct control in every technological process we can achieve our main priority - Guarantee for high-quality products on competitive prices.

All of our products are made in Bulgaria and supporting Bulgarian and European economy by engaging the local society into production process and giving them opportunities to work and grow.

Our values are built on traditions, trust and quality.

The Scalability

Production capacity can easily be multiplied many times due to the production structure that we have.

Platex Core(Internal - all the processes are done by Platex)

  • Products development
  • Sourcing materials
  • Manufacturing processes - Design
  • Manufacturing processes - Guide
  • Second quality control over outsourced manufactures
  • Improvements
    • Products
    • Manufacturing process

Partnerships with outsourced manufacturers (External - processes done by other companies under the supervision of Platex)

  • Manufacturing the materials
  • Manufacturing the products

They are following Platex Core production instructions and manufacturing guidelines

Distribution through Pan-European expansion

Fast distribution scalability thanks to our international expansion structure:

  • Platex country expansion managers
  • Partnerships with independent Platex representatives
  • Partnerships with independent merchandisers under co-branding

What we have done already?

We have already developed, produced, tested and distribute Platex Reusable Face Masks, supplying hospitals, pharmacies, companies and individuals all over Bulgaria. We are working with international partners from Romania, Germany and Ireland.

What's next for Platex Reusable Face Masks?

  • Rise awareness
  • Expand our distribution chain in EU
  • Certifying Platex Face masks as a medical product (EN 14683)

In order to achieve this we need:

  • Distribution partnerships
  • Certifying specialists or lawyers

What are Platex goals?

  • Viral spreading of face masks
  • Stop spreading virusus
  • Safe lives


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