The problem our project solves


Typical sentences of the teachers during corona crisis:

  • “How to motivate kids doing exercises at home?”
  • “I do not want to spend so much time with preparation and evaluation.”
  • “I miss overview, who did what, who understands what…”

Teachers want:

  • keeping committed to educational plan
  • being able to evaluate kids’ solutions
  • being able to help / support resolution of doubts of kids


Typical sentences of the parents during corona crisis:

  • ”How can I teach my child at home?”
  • “I want a self-taught child.”
  • “I want to know, what kids are doing at school.”

Parents want:

  • to have no problem!
  • self-taught kids
  • feedback on their kids’ performance


Typical sentences of the kids during corona crisis:

  • “I miss my classmates.”
  • “This subject is boring.”
  • “This exercise is very difficult.”

Kids want:

  • to play!
  • keeping relationship with classmates

The solution we bring to the table

Our solution is the set of educational websites for kids from primary and secondary schools and their parents and teachers.

Main characteristics:

  • One website per one subject at primary or secondary school.
  • Users: kids, their teachers and parents.
  • Generator of countless exercises with graduation according to difficulty and with automatic evaluation.
  • Easy to use, right here, right now, with or without authentication. No barriers to any user except one – connection to internet.
  • Gamification to increase motivation to learn by practicing.
  • Portfolio of solved exercises focusing on weaknesses.

Main features:

  • Teachers
    • Agenda of exercises
    • Easy to follow up
    • Homework assignments
    • Automatic evaluation
    • Overview of solved exercises by whole class
  • Parents
    • Understanding of exercises.
    • Plenty of exercises covering broad subject for children.
    • No or little parent supervision.
    • Overview of solved exercises by child.
  • Kids
    • Learning through gaming.
    • Playing with classmates and friends.
    • Instant feedback.
    • Eye-catching graphics.
    • Gamification: collecting badges, golden coins, charts…

What we have done during the weekend

We focused on new feature for kids requested by kids:

  • “I like your games. But I would like to play with my friend not only with virtual person.” New feature is “Playing with classmates and friends”. Before, it was possible to play only in these modes:
  • Alone
  • Against virtual person (Matthew on
  • Against classmate (players have to be from the same virtual class)

We made it possible to play against any registered kid on all our websites (,,, and languages. Imagine, that we have two kinds Samuel and Noel. They are friends and due to corona crisis, they must stay at home. Both boys are registered on

  1. Samuel chooses some game against opponent. He loves Game Hexagon, so he initiates the game.
  2. Samuel wants to play with his best friend Noel, who lives in different city. Samuel challenges Noel to play Game Hexagon.
  3. Noel starts with his first move. To be successful, he must solve some mathematical problem/exercise. Once he succeeded, he gains some reward and Samuel will continue.
  4. Samuel does the same. He moves and tries to solve other mathematical exercises.
  5. Both kids take turns till one of them win.

The solution’s impact to the crisis


Kids are motivated to learn, although they are at home alone without friends. They do not waste their time on mobile or computer games. They play and learn at the same time.


Teachers can save their time and effort with preparation of work for kids. Kids solve exercises during playing games and teacher can watch their solutions and results. Teacher does not need to create exercises, nor control the results. Teacher may focus on problematic exercises and discuss it with kids during teleconference.


Parents are happy, that they kids spend their time wisely on computers or mobile devices. They do not need to supervise them. Parents may focus on homeoffice or household. They can easily control, how many exercises their kids have done and with what result.

The necessities in order to continue the project

New feature is developed, tested and deployed. It is ready to use now. To make it more efficient, we plan to enhance this feature on suggesting players in case that no friend of kid is available at the moment, when kid wants to play. To do that we need to do more coding and testing.

Next steps

  • Make the solution accessible from even more devices (especially mobile phones)
  • Get approvals from teachers groups and organizations
  • Get certifications from public authorities
  • Spread to new countries
  • Cover new subjects

The value of our solution after the crisis


Kids are playing. => Kids solve mathematical exercises. => Kids learn through playing.


Teachers assign homework to their class. => Teachers watch the results. => Teachers save their time. Teachers may focus on the most problematic exercises.


Parents assist their kids less. => Parents just watch the results of their kids. => Parents are less busy and have more time for other things.

The URLs to the prototype

For playing games you need to register two kids.



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