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About Us

How to Change the World is an experiential educational programme that empowers people,organisations and communities to collaboratively tackle our world’s most important challenges to achieve lasting impact. 

We believe our societies already have most of the technical, economic and social know-how needed to tackle all the daunting challenges humanity faces today. Yet it seems we rarely bring all that knowledge and talent together in one place and collaboratively develop the solutions our societies urgently need. 

That is why we design and deliver our Learning Journey to guide individuals, organisations and communities through collaboratively tackling global challenges - empowering everyone involved to distil complex challenges into implementable ideas for positive change. Our goal is to help transform seemingly hopeless complexity into concrete solutions that make a difference. 


Our Story  

Our programmes began at University College London (UCL) as a capstone project for more than a dozen accredited engineering, management and computer science degrees. Over 800 students engage with more than 40 partner organisations annually in the original programme. Based on the success of How to Change the World at UCL, we were asked to extend beyond the classroom to audiences outside UCL - expanding our reach to date to over 6000 students and professionals spanning four continents. Participants are encouraged to create innovative solutions through collaboration with other participants, teaching associates and industry experts that focus on sustainability.  

Our Learning Journey has transitioned from in-person programmes to fully-virtual programmes focused on post-coronavirus social and economic recovery. Our Learning Journey uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to analyse global challenges and design solutions.

Our #EUvsVirus Winning Goal is to provide young Europeans who have been stalled by the crisis the opportunity to attend our collaborative two-week pan-European fully-virtual programmes. 


What’s to Come

We have aligned How to Change the World’s purpose and mission to support and empower the younger generation whose lives, studies and careers have been stalled by the coronavirus pandemic. This stalled generation has the capability, ideas and talent to contribute to our global social and economic recovery from this crisis. Our virtual recovery programmes will help our communities and economies rebuild better by empowering these stalled young minds through our pan-European programmes. 


Engage with Us!

Whether you are a university seeking new development opportunities to offer your current students and recent graduates, an expert in EU innovation systems who can help our alumni develop and scale the impact of their ideas or a young professional interested in attending our programme, we would love to hear from you!

Please visit our website at www.htctw.org and reach out to us at info@htctw.org 

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