The Brussels intercommunal transport operator, MIVB-STIB, invites interested bidders to submit offers for its Muntstroom pre-commercial procurement on people flow analytics. The “Muntstroom Living Lab project is handling this PCP”, a department of STIB-MIVB. The aim is to develop novel data driven solutions for smart predictive monitoring of people flows, outdoor as well as indoor. A Living Lab is envisaged for testing the solutions in the Brussels Capital Region. Solutions are needed for the Collection, Combination, Storage, Analysis of and Smart Access to people flow-data. 

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The Deadline for submission of offers is 29 October 2021. Discover more here

To create effective, efficient and more sustainable places to live and work, the Brussels Capital Region wants to promote walking. Big data solutions can help with this. For instance to better understand how people are using the city. The objective of this PCP is therefore to develop and test an automated people flow monitoring system for the counting, positioning & routing and managing of people flow.  Measuring and analysing people flows provides insight in how people use the city. Based upon these insights, it is possible, for instance, to determine the shortest, safest, and most convenient routes for going from point A to point B. Information that could, for example, be added to mobility apps.

The PCP is initiated by 4 public buyers (MIVB (lead procurer), CIBG, Brussel Mobility and Parking.Brussel). After the successful completion of the project, the public buyers intend to initiate a public procurement around the developed solution, based on the lessons learned from the project.

With the publication of the PCP the Muntstroom project invites interested suppliers to register for the tender.

Provisional tender planning

When? What's planned?
  Pre-commercial tender
17 September

Publication of contract notice and tender documents
on Belgium e-Procurement platform and TED

23 September, 5 p.m. Deadline for registering for webinar 1 (via
24 September, 10-11 a.m. Webinar 1: registration e-procurement platform
27 September, 5 p.m. Deadline for registering for webinar 2 (via
28 September, 10-11 a.m. Webinar 2: Request for Tender docs
12 October, 4 p.m. Deadline for sending in questions (via Belgian e-Procurement platform)
22 October Publication Question & Answers-document (on Belgian e-Procurement platform)
29 October, 5 p.m. Deadline for submitting offers (via Belgian e-Procurement platform)
29 October, 5.30 p.m. Opening of the tenders
  Evaluation offers + next steps
19 November Provisional award
13 December Final award decision + GO framework contracts PCP-phase 1
  PCP-phase 1
14 December Start PCP-phase 1

More information

The Munstroom pre-commercial procurement is supported by the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement

More information on the Muntstroom pre-commercial procurement project available here

If you wish to be informed about any development around the Muntstroom PCP, please send an email to



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