In the "Long-Duration Energy Storage" Challenge, SPRIND is searching for breakthrough technological approaches that enable long-term, efficient and cost-effective energy storage. The key factors are system costs, self-discharge, storage efficiency, service life, energy density and the technical and economic scalability.


Challenge scope

Teams participating in this Challenge are fully challenged. SPRIND therefore provides intensive and individual support. This includes funding the teams with up to €1 million in Stage 1 of the Challenge. In order to help the teams develop their full potential, SPRIND provides them not only with financial support but also with a coach who accompanies, advises and networks the work of each team.

To enable the teams to concentrate fully on their innovations, funding is provided quickly and unbureaucratically. At the end of the first stage of the Challenge, after one year, the jury decides on the basis of interim evaluations which teams will continue to participate in the Challenge. As finalists, these teams are given the opportunity to drive their project forward for another year and a half and to comprehensively demonstrate their breakthrough.

Thinking one step further: Ideas with the potential for a breakthrough innovation must be brought to market to benefit us all - promising projects in this sense can therefore continue to be supported by SPRIND after the Challenge has ended.


Who can apply?

This Challenge supports scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop energy storage systems that enable a world based on electricity from renewable sources. Up to eight teams will enter this competition for the best approach.

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Important information

Applications’ deadline: 16 October 2022.

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