Remote Working & Education

Many Europeans are confined to their homes and limited in the exercise of their personal freedoms. As time passes, many more will soon find themselves in the same situation. The way we all are affected by this unprecedented compression of personal freedom changes completely from a person to another: the size of the house where we live in, the infrastructure of our city, the quality of the health service, the sector of employment. How can we keep social bonds strong under this extraordinary pressure?

With these perspectives, the remote working needs to be addressed in a better, controllable and impactful way. For this reason we will need to combine ways and tools for efficiently shifting to online networks/online capacity building and training engines/ virtual connection?

Family life during remote working & education

Under this challenge, we aim at addressing issues related to:

  • making a healthy comfortable work environment at home
  • lack of meaningful social contacts with peers
  • toddlers minding
  • preschool children minding



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