The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) is looking for interested bidders to submit offers for their new pre-commercial procurement in the cybersecurity field.

The procurement is split in different lots that aim to tackle different challenges that focus on developing innovative solutions that can boost cybersecurity protection across key societal sectors and among SMEs and can tackle specific new cybersecurity threats.

This pre-commercial procurement (PCP) is funded through the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The deadline for submission of solutions is 2 December 2022.

The different challenges for which suppliers can submit offers via the different lots are:

  • Challenge 01: Fight against the insiders
  • Challenge 02: Advanced cryptography resistant to quantum attacks
  • Challenge 03: Solutions for data security and preventing its malicious use
  • Challenge 04: Innovative systems for evaluation, regulatory compliance and certification
  • Challenge 05: Identity Management
  • Challenge 06: Supply Chain Cyber ​​Resilience
  • Challenge 07: Innovative systems for security analysis of IoT devices
  • Challenge 08: Systems for protection against attacks against the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Challenge 09: Innovative cybersecurity solutions for 5G networks
  • Challenge 10: Cybersecurity in the connected vehicle
  • Challenge 11: Automated cyber diagnosis for SMEs and freelancers
  • Challenge 12: Innovative systems for the discovery and analysis of services on the Internet
  • Challenge 13: Research from simulated environments (decoys)
  • Challenge 14: Detection of cybercrime victims
  • Challenge 15: Detection of botnet victims through innovative techniques
  • Challenge 16: Systems for tracking crypto-transactions
  • Challenge 17: Fraudulent SMS and instant messaging detection system and associated campaigns
  • Challenge 18: Attribution of cyber threats through innovative techniques
  • Challenge 19: SOC energy sector
  • Challenge 20: SOC transport sector
  • Challenge 21: SOC financial and tax sector
  • Challenge 22: SOC health / biotechnology sector
  • Challenge 23: SOC water sector
  • Challenge 24 SOC ICT / digital sector
  • Challenge 25: SOC chemical industry sector
  • Challenge 26: SOC tourism and leisure sector
  • Challenge 27: SOC space sector
  • Challenge 28: SOC food sector
  • Challenge 29: SOC industrial sector
  • Challenge 30: SOC specialized in SMEs


To know more about this PCP and submit your applications, please visit this page.



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