Under this challenge, we aim at addressing critical issues such as:

  • real transfer knowledge, insights and experiences among hospitals
  • treatment protocols transfer in real time among EU hospitals
  • optimize the overall hospital agenda planning in a cost-effective approach
  • anticipate and identify bottlenecks in the citation process
  • remote medical assistance & preventive medicine via apps or remote consultations
  • platform for the availability of necessary pharmaceuticals and their remote shipment
  • tools for prediction & stop the spreading diseases – e.g. tools to anticipate the development of infections (e.g. nr of masks per day & person, nr of persons per patient) using supply rate thinking (similar to military logistics operations)
  • a "permanent observatory" to collect data on the behaviour and the habits of the population, in order to place preventive measures to reduce the risk of a new emergency.
  • fast check of the quality of testing kits


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