At a time where we should give the first priority to health worldwide, we must think about a solution that can ensure safety while working. iWavenology created a wearable device that generates an alarm whenever a person comes too close to another: iDistance. Using UWB technology, it can process up to 50 users simultaneously within 1 second.


This solution makes it possible to address multiple use cases while minimizing deployment and maintenance costs. Using the new UWB it is 10 times more accurate than Bluetooth solutions. Simply put, we provide wearable devices (Tags) to all staff that can wear it around as a watch, a necklace etc … The Tags will vibrate whenever workers are detected as being too close to each other. We also respect personal privacy and we don't use personal data.

If companies are not able to protect their employees and do contact tracing, it can result in months-long shutting down of offices. Hence, the use of digital social distancing assistant. IoT technology is an excellent way to digitize and supplement the conventional contact tracing process.

At iWavenology, we understand the urge to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. Social distancing is one of the most efficient solutions to keep people safe from the virus. But we also understand that it might be difficult to not violate proximity with coworkers. That is why we created iDistance, a high-precision (cm accuracy) distance tracking system. It communicates quickly with holders when they endanger themselves entering proximity violations in the workplace. Users can select their most suitable distance alarm mode and configure the optional LED light and the buzzer signal.




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