Why create a solution?

By becoming a challenge solver, you will: 

  • Connect with giant European Business Partners

Large corporations, investors, and innovation procurement departments share their challenges on our platform. The challenge solvers, selected by these Business Partners, will have an exclusive connection with these organisations, receiving direct feedback on their proposals and possible one-to-one meetings to explore further steps. 

  • Promote yourself and win 

Each challenger defines the award offered to the winning solution. Some challengers provide cash prizes, others an exclusive opportunity to develop a Proof of Concept (POC) or even promote the winner globally at international fairs. But the challenge platform is not just about the awards. 

  • Leave your innovative mark in the world

Challenge Solvers can contribute to tackle some of the world’s pressing issues and leave their mark in the world. We receive multiple challenges from large companies, including big multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Shell or AbInBev. By solving their sustainability challenges, waste problems, or process issues, you leave your innovative mark globally while uncovering and harnessing new business opportunities. 


How it works

  • Register or Log-In

Login or register via the EIC Community Platform

  • Find a challenge

Visit our challenge overview page and find an open challenge that you think you can tackle.

  • Submit your solution

Upload your proposed solution for a specific challenge. By default, only the Challenge Platform and the challenger can view your solution. In some cases, the Challenge Solver may be asked to submit the solution directly on the external platform of the Challenge Owner.

  • Win multiple awards

Check if your solution was selected by the challenger organisation and receive your prize.