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Post-Covid Innovation made in Austria: Online Management advisory and physiotherapy for Europe come from Austria

Published on: 09/12/2020

The pandemic and lockdowns required new innovative and digital solutions for the services needed from a physical distance, while the best European solutions for management advisory ( and physiotherapy ( come from Austria and will be part of the EUvsVirus Launchathon from 10 to 11. December and connected with investors and partners.

However, the EUvsVirus programme is much more than a collection of “lockdown solutions”, but one of the sub-programmes of the European Innovation Council in which Europe’s digital leaders are to be set up. The discussion about the “Kaufhaus Österreich” has shown how difficult it is to confront established marketplaces such as Amazon, an alternative strategy is to support all those startups to build up marketplaces in the segments where there are no established platforms yet. Physiotherapy and management advisory are such segments where the world market is still almost unlocked and start-ups can become world market leaders of tomorrow from today if they are brought together with the right talents, partners and investors.

“We want Europe to be a place where innovators can thrive. A place where start-ups can grow into giants. And a place where young talents can bring their ideas to life. So that the 2020s can finally become the Digital Decade of Europe for the benefit of all people and regions in the EU," said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the Web Summit in Lisbon, the initiatives of the European Innovation Council and the EU’s 750 billion euro post-covid development plan, where the promotion of digital innovation will play an important role.**

Sophia Advisory is the management consultancy that has helped shape over 100 companies

The economy was hit hard by the Corona pandemic, but the lockdowns also acted as a catalyst for digitisation. In order for the economy to grow again after Corona, the foundation for the further development of its own company must now be laid. Sophia Advisory uses the increased readiness for video advisory to enable the exchange with top experts quickly, cross-border and affordable. Technology from Austria brings the required expertise directly to the home office and at the same time offers the technical infrastructure for business experts to meet customers from all over the world in virtual advisory rooms, appointment coordination and document exchange are already included.

The economy needs bridging loans to survive this crisis, but in the long term new prospects for post-crisis growth are needed, not only to be able to repay bridging loans, but also to be able to continue to employ employees after the crisis. For entrepreneurs who do not want to surrender to the mood of the crisis, but want to see the crisis as an opportunity to identify new potentials and lay the foundations for future success, there is now a new range of advisory services available.

The “microadvisory” approach was developed together with banks and business consultants on the basis of strategy management methods of corporations and made digitally accessible to entrepreneurs of all sizes. In order to tailor the offer to the needs of entrepreneurs, more than a hundred entrepreneurs were also asked about their current challenges. Sounds complicated? That’s exactly what Microadvisory’s changes: Define individual goals, find the right interlocutors and develop new solutions directly in an online consultation.

Markus Waghubinger, who advised banks and insurance companies about digitisation strategy before the pandemic with finothek GmbH, is convinced that “every success of a company arises with an idea of the executives that becomes a vision, the right experts are essential to further develop ideas and to set the right implementation steps.”


Physiotherapy is one of the industries that hit the outbreak of Covid-19 particularly strongly – so far, direct contact with the patient has been fundamental for each individual treatment.

The founding team of room4Physio has set right at this point and found a solution for therapists and patients:

During the first lockdown, they developed a completely new and digital solution to be able to handle therapies via screen efficiently. In addition, the room4Physio app enables physiotherapists to create individually tailored and personalised training plans for all their patients. Thus, the patients are then able to carry out their exercise program at any time and completely regardless of location.

The biggest bonus and benefit is the digital training assistant, which recognises the individual exercises and motivates the patients to complete their specific programme regularly and completely.

“With room4Physio, classical physiotherapy will be combined with a digital therapy experience. The use of teletherapy and artificial intelligence should help to make the treatment effective and personal overall," says co-founder Stefan Schauer-Burkart.



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