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EIC BAS Programmes


EIC Business Acceleration Services Global Offer

As EIC beneficiary, a box full of exciting business acceleration services and an extensive innovation network is waiting for you. All this through a single entry gate: the EIC Community. It gathers all innovative companies funded under the European Innovation Council covering the EIC Accelerator, Pathfinder, Transition projects, as well as coaches, corporates, investors, procurers, staff of the EIC…and many more! Our ambition is to boost connections and foster communication by creating a shared knowledge base and a virtual meeting-place where innovative and business partners can connect and leverage new partnerships.


Let’s take a closer look! 

Apply and register to our free EIC Business Acceleration Services: check out our event calendar.

EIC Corporate Programme bridge the gap between EIC-funded companies and large corporates so they collaborate and develop new business models and opportunities.

EIC Investor Programme and e-pitchings are exclusive European pitching and networking events gathering venture capitalists, business angels and other finance partners with the aim to help EIC companies finding their next funding opportunity.

EIC Innovation Procurement Programme bring together innovators with procurers to exploit deep tech innovations through early market consultation and thematic procurement scouting activities.

EIC Community Talks and Trainings gather together EIC Community members for experience sharing and peer-learning workshops (including for the EIC beneficiaries at an earlier stage of innovation life cycle).

EIC Coaching: Get access to tailored coaching available throughout your project. Selected coaches are active in the community supporting regularly beneficiaries on business development, organisational development and finance. For more, check Coaching under the EIC.

EIC Tech 2 Market Programme brings together early-stage researchers and SMEs (Pathfinder and Transition beneficiaries) and offers them the tools to bring their innovation to the market by leveraging entrepreneurial skills and promoting early access to market and investment opportunities.


Upcoming events:

         23-25 May & 22 June 2022 

         31 May 2022, online (apply here - applications are open until 26 May 2022)

         31 May 2022, Berlin, Germany 

         2 June 2022, online (apply here - applications are open until 28 May 2022)

         3 June 2022, Amsterdam 

         9 June 2022, online 

         22-23 June 2022, Brussels, Belgium

         27 June 2022, online 

         12-13 July 2022, Barcelona, Spain

         26-27 September 2022, Paris, France (apply here - applications are open until 31 May 2022)


Check the EIC BAS Calendar to learn more about the upcoming events organised for the EIC Community members.


Want more? Find here other EIC-backed Opportunities!

  • EIC Scaling Up

EIC Scaling Up was created to support the most distinguished EIC deep tech companies fundraising Series B/C in 2021-2023. This new  programme aims to further strengthen EIC Equity by powering the EIC deep tech companies to new investment from growth-stage commercial investors and buyers.

Top 50 European deep tech growth companies funded by The European Innovation Council (EIC) will be selected for EIC ScalingUp 50 Listing. Find more information about the EIC Scaling Up initiative here.


  • EIC & EIT Joint Calls 

EIC and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) have been creating closer bonds in order to jointly promote calls that can be relevant for EIC beneficiaries. Recently, the Bridgehead Programme, launched by the EIT Health, was open to select and support 5 EIC-funded start-ups with market-access.

EIC is teaming up with EIT for more business opportunities, so please keep your eye in our official communication channels to know more.



EIC Greenhouse Gas programme

In addition to the coaching & training and access to corporates, investors and procurers, EIC-supported researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs will have access to the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) programme. With the EIC GHG programme, part of the Business Acceleration Services, the EIC will offer the support and expertise needed to assess, track and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint of the beneficiaries and co-create new green services and business.

This will be done using a dedicated GHG-tool and co-creation activities & working groups with corporates, industrial associations, regions in carbon transition, and others.




Upcoming events: 

         8-9 June 2022, online

         8-9 June 2022, online

         21, 22 & 23 June 2022. Applications are open until 20 May (apply here)

         21, 22 & 23 June 2022. Applications are open until 20 May (apply here)

        21, 22 & 23 June 2022. Applications are open until 20 May (apply here)

         28-29 June 2022, online. Applications are open until 20 May (apply here)


For more information on the EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme, click here




EIC Women Leadership Programme

Women-led companies are on the rise. The participation of women in deep tech is not only a matter of fairness but an important case of using Europe’s full potential of excellence in science and businesses. To further support the role of women in innovation and tech the European Innovation Council (EIC) is offering a skills enhancement and networking programme for women entrepreneurs and researchers supported by the EIC, the Women Leadership Programme (WLP).   


The EIC Women Leadership Programme is targeted at EIC beneficiaries, specifically:

  • Women in business already in management positions, but that want to strengthen their skills and expand their network;
  • Women within established companies aspiring to take over leadership positions in business development;  
  • Women researchers involved in research projects aspiring to lead the transition of their research into businesses.  


Selected participants will get the chance to participate in specific trainings, networking events and be invited to take part in a dedicated mentorship scheme. 



With the 1st EIC Women Leadership Programme cohort ending on 31 March 2022, the EIC is now working to finalise the new content and timeline for the 2nd cohort of the programme. Stay tuned for more information!


Upcoming events: 

         You can register here to attend the online session.


Find all the answers on the EIC Women Leadership Programme in the FAQ section.

For more information on the EIC WLP open call for EIC beneficiaries, click here.

For more information on the Programme, visit the EIC website.




EIC Overseas Trade Fairs Programme 2.0

The EIC Overseas Trade Fairs 2.0 Programme (OTF) supports EIC beneficiaries to promote their commercialisation strategy in foreign markets and leverage business opportunities at the most popular trade fairs, strengthening the EU innovation brand around the world. The OTF 2.0 Programme is running throughout 2022 and 2023, offering EIC beneficiaries the opportunity to attend 15 international trade fairs in different sectors across four extra-EU markets. 




Open call: 


Read more on the EIC OTF webpage. 

Find all the answers on the EIC OTF 2.0 Programme in the FAQ section.