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Frequently Asked Questions


[+] How can I create a new group in the EIC Community?


[+] How can I define the access level of my group?


[+] How can I invite new members to my group?


[+] I would like to start a new discussion in a group. How should I proceed?


[+] How can I add a new photo to my group?


[+] I would like to create a photo album on my group.


[+] Which files can I upload?


[+] Is there a maximum size?


[+] What is a WIKI?


[+] How many pages can I add, is there a limit?


[+] I received an email invitation to join a Private Group in the EIC Community. How should I proceed?


[+] I am an EIC Beneficiary registered in the EIC Community and I joined a Private Group. However, when I try to access the group, I receive an error message.


[+] I would like to share a new story with my group.