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A. EIC Innovation Procurement Partnership 


The EIC BAS Innovation Procurement Partnership facilitates access to procurement markets in Europe by organizing, on a regular basis, pitching events with public and private buyers. This Partnership, that was launched in 2021, enabled the implementation of more than 12 pitching events.  

109 SMEs took part in these events presenting their solutions to 197 buyers in the private and public sectors across Europe, leading thus to 27 1-to-1 meetings and 23 follow-ups & 6 deals. 


What is in it for you 

  1. Engagement with private or public procurers – possibility for presentation of your solutions to interested and committed buyers
  2. Getting familiar with needs (including future needs) in the public and private sectors 
  3. Business and commercialization opportunities  


Who is it for – how can you take part 

This Partnership is open to EIC beneficiaries/innovators from EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Accelerator, Seal of Excellence and Women Tech.EU

Each pitching event is structured around concrete challenge/s that the public or private buyers with whom the EIC is working with, are facing. Based on these challenges, the EIC is launching calls for expression of interest addressed to EIC beneficiaries. 

If you are interested in benefiting from this opportunity, please consult regularly the EIC Community Platform where all these calls are published. 



Marcos Escuder, Head of Global Supply Chain at Evotec:

Working with the EIC is a very interesting way to see which technologies we can integrate in our landscape. There are great ideas outside that we can benefit of.